Monday, May 30, 2011

Recent Obsession: Sausage Egg and Cheese Sandwich

Last month I went on a big sausage egg and cheese sandwich (on a hard roll- only a hard roll is acceptable) kick. I started with the place I first became friends with the sandwich: Riverside Deli in Greenwich. That sandwich is standard but very, very good. My one complaint is that you have to order a DOUBLE egg to make the egg fill the sandwich, but then that's a teeny bit too much egg.

Vigilante's Deli on Hope St. solves the egg problem by using extra large eggs. They add a bit of an edge to their sandwich by using slightly spicy sausage. I really enjoyed their sandwich, but on a regular basis, I'd prefer to standard sausage of Riverside Deli. Still, Vigilante's is an excellent option.

Garden Catering on High Ridge Rd. in Stamford offers an OK sausage egg and cheese sandwich. The fact that I ate mine while driving (to Massachusetts) may have impacted my enjoyment of the sandwich, but I wasn't crazy over it. I'd have to try it again to identify what the problem was, but WHY would I try it again if I could get Vigilante's? Oh, right, because Vigilante's is closed on Sunday. Also, Garden Catering is really meant for fried chicken and those delicious potato cones. Best junk lunch ever.

However, I just learned of another place on Hope St. from my new favorite local blog, OMNOMCT. One of their posts tells me that Giacomo's Italian Deli has good breakfast sandwiches. They suggest putting it on the Arthur Ave bread that Jack imports from the Bronx, which goes against my hard roll love, but I'll try anything once.

One place I'll never try again is Bull's Head Diner. The sausage egg cheese sandwich I got there could not have been worse. I don't even want to talk about it.

My local Twiends recommend:
Fusaro's Market on High Ridge Rd. and Lakeside Diner Long Ridge Rd. (@kzone 8)
the breakfast burrito at Rosie's in New Canaan (@After_Words)
the Vegas at Nicholas Roberts in Norwalk (@CT_Bites)
Garden Catering, High Ridge Road - egg, chili and cheese (@HeyStamford)

@PhilippeKeb seconded Lakeside and @CT_Bites agreed with @After_Words about Rosie's breakfast burrito.

I'll probably try Fusaro's and Lakeside, because I'm all about an easy local breakfast!


md said...

Look no further than the Country Cow deli in Fairfield. Take the Merrit north to Blackrock Turnpike, get off, go right, and its the first small block of stores on your right hand side about 2 miles down.

Thank me later.

Anonymous said...

These all pale in comparison to The Country Cow in fairfield. No joke.