Saturday, September 22, 2007

Trash Can Update: Controversy! Mayhem!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dear. Some Stamford residents are pissed.
Thank god it's about something interesting: trash cans.

I am loving the Advocate's Letters to the Editor section. You really should bookmark it on your browser. One man is furious that the new bin, mandated and delivered by the city of Stamford, is too big to fit in his garage with his car, and he just bought a nice new bin that he won't be able to use. I'd be pissed too. Nice trash cans with wheels are expensive.

Another resident is angry because the bins get heavy when they're full; someone who's not in good physical health will have a hard time pulling it. And, what's worse, a heavy trash can is hell on a rock driveway. When I lived in Norwalk, I had to drag my wheeled trash can through 100 feet of rock. The wheels were actually a hindrance; a smooth-bottomed trash can would have moved better. Now I live in luxury with a paved driveway, but I haven't forgotten those dark days in Norwalk.

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