Monday, April 7, 2008

Chowhound Cannot Defeat Stamford!

The chowhound board has a chatty thread about the closing of Zinc and possibly Hacienda on Summer St. I enjoyed reading the musings of Stamford food fans. The topics ranged from real estate, rumors of new restos, and the general nature of restaurants in Stamford. The power-crazed moderators only had to step in one time with trying-to-sound-friendly reminders to talk only about food:
Yes - please do keep the discussion focused on places that exist in the here and now! We understand that it is fun to speculate about what might open, and what you'd like to see open, as well as the direction your community is taking, but Chowhound's focus is on where to find great chow now. If anyone has anything more concrete to add about the situation, please do, but otherwise, let's get back to talking about existing chow!

Shut up, chowhound!

And, I hate to be a broken record, but I've tried to post "I had a good burger at Napa and Co, etc." twice this week on a thread about Kobe burgers in the FC. Both times, my posts appeared... but when I returned to check, my post has simply disappeared. Obviously this is part of the Napa and Co. information blackout, but I didn't receive the aggressive email I expected from the Chowhound moderators. What a letdown. Maybe they have realized that people are deliberately provoking them and have given up sending their prickly, persnickety reprimands to people who dare violate their tyrannical policy of use.

Whatever, chowhound. I still enjoy chatting about restaurants on your site, especially because the indomitable Stamford-ites still manage to squeeze in some gossip and speculation.

Read Chowhound's response to me in "Turns Out Chowhound HAS Defeated Stamford Talk, But Not in a Bad Way." I was embarrassed but flattered to get such a long, detailed email from them.


anon said...

Hello Stamford Talk,

I have started playing a fun game with since I heard about this blackout a couple of weeks ago. It's called "How Long Can My Napa & Co. Posts Stay Up?"

My record is 22 minutes. See if you can beat it.

Stamford Talk said...

Did you get an email from the moderators?

anon said...

No, unfortunately not. I was hoping to, just for a laugh.

BTW-This is a great blog, glad I found it.

Amanda said...

Terry - if you keep posting re Napa, the mods will ban you.

anon said...

That's OK, I really don't post a lot on there anyhow, as my wife is in the industry and I don't think it's fair for me to recommend places, as I am a peripheral "insider". I just heard about the Napa ban recently and thought it was ridiculous, so I've been having a little fun at Chow's expense.

Anonymous said...

I bet the next smackdown will be over Burgers Shakes & Fries. The owner posted recently to defend himself (and I defended him too although I don't know him) and his posts and mine went *poof*.