Friday, April 4, 2008

Steak, Pool, and Excess at Dunn's Loft

Last Saturday I finally played pool at Dunn's Loft. In a previous post, I wrote,
The pool table is in great shape, maybe because Dunn’s Loft is very new and very upscale. Rather than sloppy young drunks in baseball caps, I picture nicely-dressed 30 year old couples- not married!- playing in a self-assured yet subtly flirtatious way.
Well darned if that wasn't me, except I'm married, and so was the other couple we played with. I had way too much fun. The drinks do seem to flow at Dunn's, so take it easy. Those cosmos ain't small, people.

The bar is a good place to sit and listen to Vinnie Ferrone, the guitarist who plays on the weekend. He did some Tom Petty covers that were great. I've actually got a big crush on Tom Petty due to his days in the Traveling Wilburys. That was 1988, but whatever.

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Phil said...

Where is Dunn's loft? I haven't heard of it... I may not be a 30 something yet, but i'm certainly not the baseball cap wearing sloppy drunk, and could use some good music and quiet entertainment....

meg said...

I thought Dunn's loft was closing? Is that true?

Anonymous said...

Yes it is closing with in the next day or 2!