Sunday, April 27, 2008

Girly Day in Stamford: Zen Spa and Nails

I don't want to be mean, but I have this line in my head and I need to say it: Zen Spa and Nails forces you to be Zen because they are so slow. You have to try really hard not to get impatient. My manicurist, sweet as she was, was going so slowly that I couldn't even watch. I closed my eyes, tried to slow my brain, and let my thoughts wander. ZSN is a new place in the Bull's Head shopping center that does waxes, chair massages, and mani/pedis. The good news: it was relaxing. ZSN is pretty and quiet, and the staff is nice. I got lots of massage time, and my nails turned out fabulous. I kicked off my girly day by getting the glorious blue nails I'd been fantasizing about.

The other three women there were not having any zen, and they didn't try to hide it:

Woman 1: How long will a manicure and pedicure take?
--Manicurist (in friendly voice): Twenty minutes?
W1: Really twenty minutes?
--Uh- (manicurist is confused)
W1: I mean, is it really only twenty minutes? Because I have to pick up my daughter at dance class at 12:30, and I can't be late.
--Ah yes, just twenty minutes.
W1 pauses, seeming irritated: OK, fine. I'll get a manicure pedicure.

Twenty minutes later... as my nails are still being groomed and trimmed, she's just finishing her mani and hasn't started on the pedi.

W1: You know what? Is this going to be done soon?
--Yes. Just a few more minutes.
W2: Because, I have to go pick up my daughter. It's just next door. I'll be right back. (She bolts out the door.)

Woman 2 walks in and asks for a pedicure.
--Manicure, too?
W2: No. I never get manicures.
--OK, right this way. (Man in apron comes over.)
W2: Oh. (Total dismay) Are you going to do it? (Man smiles and nods.) Ah- could I have a woman do it?
--Yes, yes. (Man is embarrassed.)
W2: It just makes me feel weird.

(I am all about sticking up for oneself, but this woman could have done it a lot more nicely.)

Woman 3 walks in.
W3: Yes, but is Patricia here?
--Oh, sorry, she's in with a client. Someone else can help you?
W3: No, it has to be Patricia. Should I stay, or should I come back? How long will she be?
--Uh... 40 minutes.
W3: Forty minutes?
--Yes, 40 minutes- maybe, 1:15? 1:30?
W3: 1:15?
W3: 1:15 or 1:30? When should I come back? (All of this in impatient tone of voice.)
--Ah, 1:30, yes, 1:30.

CALM DOWN, PEOPLE!!! What are you doing in Zen spa with all of your bad energy?

I got the blue nails because I love things that are unusual, and I like to stand out. I need a bright world. This pink shirt is another way I announce to the world, "I am a freakin' happy person!" My other girly activities today were reading gossip magazines at Borders, tutoring French for an hour and a half, watching Friday Night Lights, Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy, and eating vegetables.


mistersquid said...

What are you doing in Zen spa with all of your bad energy?

Improving your Zen, of course.

xoMagicElle said...

I have been curious as to how zen spa is since they opened! Are their manicures priced like most other places, around 10-12$?

Anonymous said...

I like Classic Nails on Hope Street, and Tiffany Nails on Greenwich Avenue. I need a pedicure so bad.. my own children are frightened by the state of my toenails...

Stamford Talk said...

It is 12 $ for a manicure, and I want to say 30 for a pedicure, but both together are $ 40. I definitely recommend trying Zen, but not if you are in a big hurry. Because they are new (I assume that's why), they don't have the "rush you in rush you out" routine down yet.
I also like Great Nail on High Ridge right across from Lord and Taylor by the dance studio. They do NOT take credit cards, though, which is ridic.

Anonymous said...

OK - so after this post I was inspired to get the inagural pedicure of the summer at Classic. Poor man. He's a professional but I think he almost blew chunks when he saw the condition of my runner's feet. I also took The Girl for her first ever manicure - they charge kids under 10 their age as a price, and painted a pretty sparkly flower on one of her fingernails, over the purple polish. She was thrilled!

Amanda said...

Has anyone tried the new place over on Magee towards Shippan? I just drive by it and already forgot the name.

Anonymous said...

I go to Coco Nails on High Ridge and Hope's not cheap but walk ins are welcome and service is very professional. I gotta admit, I need a ped in the worst way so I'm due for a "spa pedicure" very very soon...last year the spa ped was around $50 - about 45 minutes of lotions and rubs, totally worth it...prolly up to $55 or so this year tho.

Stamford Talk said...

Yikes, 50 bucks! A full body massage at Noelle is only $100 or so! And you get to use their fancy showers with the steam bath and get brought water in the peaceful waiting room.

Altho, if a pedi is 35-40 anyway, what's another $15 if you want to treat yourself. Perhaps I will do some Stamford Talk research at Coco. Maybe after I have a bad day. That's usually when I justify my luxury goods and services.

Julie said...

Ooooh, where's Noelle? I need a massage. For nails though, I go to Classic on Hope St.

Anonymous said...

Zen sucks. Two of my nails are MUCH shorter than all the rest. When I said something to the manicurist she said "I think they look ok" and that was it!! Now my right hand looks ridiculous and 90 minutes of my life is gone. Slow and hopeless.