Friday, June 20, 2008

First Alive at Five a Smashing Success

"Guys, I saw a snapping turtle today, and it was spectacular." -me to my dining companions after Alive at Five.

AAF was soooo crowded, but in a good way. No one was stumbling-drunk until 8:30. People were patient and didn't mind other people bumping into them. Goooooo Alive at Five, you were great!

I got there at 4:45-ish. I met old friends- from 5 years ago- and new friends- from 2 days ago- hey, Trivia Girls! Music was good, glasses of white wine were full, and the crowd was motley. Verdict: not like a frat party. Please see more pics at my flickr gallery.

My friends got claustrophobic and left around 7:30, but I think they were just tired. I personally did not mind rubbing up against a bunch of strangers. In fact, I loved it.

About the snapping turtle. You may recall I saved an unsavable turtle last weekend. Well, yesterday on the way home from work, I saw a creature scuttling across the road. I realized he was a large turtle- imagine the size of a large cat- so I pulled over to make sure he made it. By then, the turtle was across, and a Direct TV guy had pulled over and was taking a pic of the turtle with his camera phone. I jogged over to get a good look at the turtle with his badass jagged shell, then I went home to get ready for AAF.

Oh- the bad news- walking to Morton’s for a burger after AAF, I saw some Lacoste-wearing punk push over a human statue! I reported it to the UBS biking security guard, who said, "Thanks- it should be on camera.” Yeah, Stamford, with your fancy businesses and their fancy cameras!

Turns out Morton’s does not have burgers, so go to Napa for your fancy burgers. After apps and salad, the statue of the hula-hooping girl was back up.

You know, and this is just a thought, maybe it's not safe to have small children around those statues. Can you imagine if a statue fell over and a kid got smushed between the statue and a concrete sidewalk? Consider yourself warned, people.


Manager Mom said...

Hmmm. Napa and Co, Morton's, your taste in burgers leans toward the Trump-esque, Ms. Stamford Talk.

Glad the concert was fun!!!

Phil said...

You may want to check out The Capital Grille or Kona Grill at the mall for good burgers after Alive @ 5.

It's close enough to walk to in about 5 minutes, and far enough not to worry about the ruckus of people doing stupid things.

Unknown said...

wes - your trying to compare Kobi beef burger with Capital grill? They're okay, but not in the same class.

meg said...

that sounds like a fine evening ..good music, wine, burgers and witnessing one of those statues toppled over. sorry, they just bug me.

Stamford Talk said...

FCC, showing your evil side! I like it.

The husband is a big steak-eater, hence our faux-Trump lifestyle. Before I met him, I used to never eat out and made baked tofu and salads. What a change. Our eating habits are the biggest conflict we have in our relationship. It's ridic.

Wes, you had Napa's delicious but expensive burger yet? It's worth the $24 dollar splurge...

Jeff said...

I had to leave AAF after Blues Traveler's first couple of songs--unfortunately, I couldn't handle the crowd. The last straw for me came when I tried to get from the Curley's area to where the rest of my group was (outside Tiernan's) and the SPD officer at the gate wouldn't let me back in with the can of Heineken Light I obviously had just bought (because why else would I have a can of that?). I chugged it, went in, couldn't get through the sea of drunk finance guys, and walked right over to Tigin.

I love Alive @ Five (and have played there in the past) but for some reason, this one was a bit too much. Hopefully they'll get the crowd control working for Boys II Men, because that's gonna be HUGE.

meg said...

ST, this is the new me! The b*tchy blogger has emerged thanks to you today.

Manager Mom said...

I just saw in this morning's paper that 4 people were arrested for offenses of the drunkenness variety.

Stamford Talk said...

Yeah, they were teenagers... which reminds me, can we make that event adults only?

I think I actually saw the boy(s) getting arrested for the pot. My friend got a random parking ticket (since we paid!) and the cop she asked about it was busy!

Anonymous said...

MMMmmmmm...Napa Burger.

You've just made up my mind what 2 have 4 lunch.

Stamford Talk said...

the second I get back into town in July I am getting that burger!