Sunday, June 8, 2008

Socializing Opps with FC Happy Hour Club

If you are someone who complains that it's hard to meet people in Stamford, you need to shut your yap and come to a Fairfield County Happy Hour Club event. I went last Thursday night to its happy hour at SBC and it was really fun.
Three friends and I saw Sex and the City at the Majestic, then walked over to SBC. From a movie theatre full of women to a bar full of men? Sounds good to me. Actually, FCHHC draws plenty of women, which makes sense, because what single woman would avoid a crowd of cute men? Not me, and I'm not even single!

Two very cool guys, Vin and Travis, run the club. Their chill attitudes are ideal. FCHHC events are relaxed and friendly. I think it's the magic of the nametags. Not only are they how you get the drink deals, many have funny sayings, so they are conversation starters. My tag said, "And I even read the blog," another guy's said, "Nanny Hunter," and my friend's said, "I'm new." Two people- two!- introduced themselves to me. That is a freakin' record from my ten years up here. I even got to meet Blog Stamford in person and we had dorky blog chat.

After that, my husband met up with us girls, and we walked downtown to do some "Stamford Talk Research." First, we checked out g/r/a/n/d. It was a little slow, but on the way out, a woman kicked me in the thigh with a dramatic spin move while talking to her friends. That was exciting, and it didn't hurt. You've got to love it when you get randomly round-house kicked and come out unscathed. As for the other bars, Twenty was medium slow, Black Bear was hopping, and Thirsty Turtle was having a big event. That was 11:15 pm ish. I was proud to see so many Stamford-ites out on Thursday night, but still, I think more of us could be out.

I also caught the first part of the FCHHC pub crawl yesterday (Saturday) afternoon. It looked like it was going to be a great day, but I had to cut out early at 430 pm to go to a bachelorette party at Mohegan Sun. Again, people were very friendly; even other women talked to me. Does that ever happen in the FC? No. Usually women ignore each other, but FCHHC is different. There is a happy hour every Thursday, but this week's location has yet to be announced. Check the website for info!


Manager Mom said...

Um...even married women wouldn't avoid a room of cute men.

We may be married but we ain't blind...

Kevin McKeever said...

What! No comments of your favorite SBC brews? That beer columinst job at The Advocate isn't just going throw itself in your lap. ;-)