Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stamford Alive@Five Concerts: Drunken Frat Party?

a. "Of course! That's the point!"
b. "If you think that's a drunken frat party, you haven't been to a real frat party."

I think the truth is somewhere in between those 2 opposing responses.

AAF, Stamford's Thursday rock concert series, is like a frat party in that it's outdoors with beer as the main beverage.

However, it's much better people watching than a frat party because there is a wider variety of partiers.

And, like b. suggests, people don't get that drunk or crazy. First, most of us have to work the next day. Second, you aren't allowed to bring in your own coolers anymore. Finally, with all those strangers around, it's best to maintain some self-composure.

To me, these concerts are a good chance to hear OK music and see who else is out. I like to be near people.

Some people I know have said they hate the concerts, but I think as long as you know they are a CONCERT, you should know to expect beer and a crowd. Don't expect to hold a conversation. If you want a relaxed outdoor festival, go to an outdoor festival and sit on a picnic blanket, OR, go to the Wednesday classical music series at Columbus Park. Those are very nice and low key.

We'll see how it all turns out tomorrow... Always Home and Uncool reports that lead singer of Blues Traveler, John Popper, grew up in Stamford.

Good news: Fairfield County Happy Hour Club is having their Thursday happy hour in Stamford, at Rack and Roll on Atlantic, right after AAF ends! So, don't bother trying to wedge yourself into Tiernan's.


Greg said...

I'm just glad Mr. Popper isn't in prison and can make the show. See:,2933,257638,00.html

patty said...

Blessed with both a mild fear of crowds and a raging case of claustrophobia, I've not attended one of these shows. Not even The (New) Cars tempted me to give it a shot, despite The (Old) Cars being my favorite band for a good chunk of my youth. Maybe you can live blog it (on your iPhone) so I can read about your escapades (on my iPhone) from the safety of Far Far Away.

Kevin McKeever said...

Thanks, as always, for the shout. The Advocate called me today to try to hook me up to interview John about his return gig in Stamford. JP's people are not cooperating.

Anonymous said...

Rack n' Roll??? Come on FCHHC, you're better than that. With so many worthy bars in Fairfield County, why in the name of God would you meet at there?

Manager Mom said...

Ooh. Hey AHAU, if John Popper is for real skinny now, can I tag along to the interview?

meg said...

there's no way alive at five starts tonite, it's way to o bearable out. every time i've attended it's been at least 100 degrees and/or the skies were about to open up. have fun!