Friday, September 14, 2007

Bored by Sushi? Try Duo.

SCOOP: Duo, the new Euro-Japanese restaurant by the owners of Plateau, has great food at reasonable prices.
MY TAKE: Duo is beside Plateau on Bank Street. If you are a fan of Plateau's tasty yet affordable Vietnamese/Thai food, you may have noticed some renovation. Duo's theme: each dish done in two ways. The menu offers regular sushi, special rolls that actually taste special, and entrees that are- European? I got the Buddha roll- very big, 10 or 12 pieces, for around 15 $. The entire roll had mushrooms, but half had them raw with other veggies, and the other half had them sauteed with portobello tempura on top. The appetizers are also done two ways. We had the seaweed salad; half was spicy, half sweetish.
VERDICT: This place would be great for a date; the food is fun to talk about, and many entrees are under 30 $. So, make that a fancy date.

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