Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stamford: Looking Almost as Cool as Boston

I met someone last week who hadn’t been to Capriccio. I expressed pity and disbelief. Capriccio Café has the best outdoor seating in Stamford and an extensive menu of simple, delicious Italian food. Have a beer at lunch, coffee mid-afternoon, wine with dinner, or dessert and drinks late. When you drive by at 10 pm and all 30 outdoor tables are full, Stamford looks like a real city. The people-watching at Capriccio is worth the belching buses and roaring Harleys on Bedford.

Capriccio offers nightlife that’s not a bar; it’s open until 11pm all week, and 12pm on Friday and Saturday. You can have a drink with your friends without having to scream over a cover band. Sorry, Tiernan’s- your atmosphere stinks, and you should hire nicer bouncers/managers. Capriccio has more variety than a bar full of over-21s out to drink and hook up. (Although if that’s you, I do wish you luck.) It has families, groups of coworkers and friends, people on dates. The crowd ranges from young to old, lithe to lumpy, stylish to dorky. No worries at Capriccio. The owner is Italian, so maybe that’s why the place is so relaxed but intensely social.

Next door, Tigin maintains its presence, but its 6 or 7 outdoor tables only allow a small group to enjoy the night air. Until winter, Tigin will have to wait. Will the Capriccio crowd migrate to Tigin’s cozy, spacious interior? Will they go across the street to Chez Jean-Pierre? No, Tigin’s too heavy, Chez JP too expensive. Capriccio crew, where will you eat in the winter? I think I might go post that question on Chowhound right now. TIP: Try the amazing Lemon Cake (Torta della Nonna) which means grandma’s cake.

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