Saturday, June 14, 2008

Apple Store on Greenwich Ave: Are We OK w/ It?

The Stamford-based commuter blog Station Stops has the scoop on rumors of a new Apple store on Greenwich Ave. An Apple store on the Ave makes sense, I suppose. While traffic volume would be much lower than the Stamford Mall, it would be made up of big spenders. I like the idea of not going to the mall if I want to ogle high-tech stuff, but I don't like the idea of business traffic being taken away from the city with which I am obsessed. I want Greenwich people to have to come to Stamford.

OK, you got me. This post is just an excuse to say that I GOT AN IPHONE YESTERDAY!

It's a used one that my husband's coworker was selling, so my darling husband bought it for me, sneakily set it up, and put the phone in my hand, ready to use, when he got home from work. I'm still in shock... both from the glorious gadget that is now my best friend, and from how sweet my husband is.

I have been wanting an iPhone ever since I started getting busier with Stamford Talk a few months ago. Warmer weather = more Stamford action. I want to check email every hour or so to see if I have new comments or to correspond with someone who has an interesting scoop. It was getting annoying to have to ask my husband if I could use his iPhone while we were out at Capriccio or driving to dinner in Greenwich.

("You know, if you'd stop eating out so much, you could afford a house in Stamford," Always Home and Uncool said to me yesterday. Please keep on me about that, AHUC.)

The husband and I had been in discussions about whether or not to get the new iPhone coming out July 11 for me- rather, for him, and I'd get his old one. However, the new iPhone won't be hackable, meaning we'd be stuck with ATandT. We really needed a used one so I could keep my convenient, affordable T-mobile plan.

Fate, via my husband, brought this used iPhone into my life less than 24 hours ago.

(Oh, FREAK yeah, I see a neighbor setting up a tag sale! What in this house can I bring over to them? That reminds me, I think Union Baptist over on Newfield Ave is having a tag sale today, too. I work with the assistant preacher's wife and she is totally cool.)


Kevin McKeever said...

Thanks for the shout, ST. I promise to post it as a comment every time you write about a restaurant you visit.

Anonymous said...

Everything's hackable! For goshsakes 14 year olds can hack stuff people at the NSA can't. Give them 24hrs after the phone releases and they will find a way to hack it and you can have a hacked version for just a little bit more.

I'm waiting for the 3G Iphone...held off buying one until now.

Anonymous said...

I love everything about my iPhone except the awful battery life (expect it to die after a few hours if you browse the web a lot) and the keyboard for typing, which SUCKS. I love how beautifully it renders Web pages though, and visual voicemail is the best.

Hope you love it!