Monday, June 2, 2008

Marilyn Monroe Look-Alike Prize: $750!

Good Golly! The top prize in this contest is $750!!! Runner up, $250. That is some serious cash. We should all try to round up an exhibitionist co-worker or two and drag him or her to the contest.

Here are the important details you can get from the Stamford Downtown site:
Contests will be judged on voice, style, posture, mannerism, personality/charisma, body, face, hair and makeup by judges selected by the DSSD.

Download the application at, then email, mail or fax your intention to enter the Marilyn Monroe Look-Alike Contest by filling out entry form by June 4. On June 10 report to the Avon Theatre between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. completely dressed. The contest will begin at 7 p.m.

So, it looks like you don't even have to sing! I wonder what else you could wear besides a white dress... old fashioned bathing suit and heels?

I repeat, I am so going to this, even though it's my Bull's Head Traffic Calming feedback session night. I love the Avon and all the crazy events they throw, although it's really the freakishly initialed SDSSD (Stamford Downtown Special Services District) that is in charge of it... That organization does very cool things for us all the time (farmer's market, Alive at Five concerts), yet obscures their coolness with a boring name and impossible to remember initials... even "Stamford Downtown Special Events" would be an improvement! Sigh. I just can't let it go. That name drives me mad.

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Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the 'farmers" in the "farmers" market are actually wholesalers and not farmers? Unlike the farmers market in NYC where each farmer's stand has a market provided board with the farm's name, origin and a broief summary.

Kevin McKeever said...

Need to get my dress out of the cleaners. I think my hairy legs will get some attention.

The people who run the Avon really do create some fun. More businesses should do the same.

I'm a bit down on Alive at Five. I think it's outgrown Columbus Park. Maybe they can move it over to Mill River Park. Now that would make that the Malloy Folly a real destination.

Anonymous said...

@ Always re: Alive at Five:

unless you're being facetious, you're missing the point of Alive at Five.

But you are on to something: another separate concert series at Mill River Park is a great idea!