Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stamford Talk Slumber Partying in NoHo

I hate to be a slacker blogger but I am busy eating Skittles in a NoHo apartment at midnight. I just spent 3 hours at a Prom in a loft in the meat packing district. Not my prom. My friend from college teaches at a fancy private school in the city, and our photographer friend from Philly has done their photos for the past 5 years. This year I got to be his assisstant, meaning I got to drink wine around teenagers.

"Is this worth publishing?" I said to my sis, who I am keeping awake even though I'm waking up in 5 hours to drive back to Stamford. "That sounds fine to me," she muttered.

I actually did assist; I passed out a card with the website and school code so the kids can see the pics, and I... helped put up and take down the backdrop.

Yup. Tonight I'm a loser with nothing to say except... I'm glad I'm still young and carefree with no kids so I can do fun stuff like stay over in the city.

And I really only had one glass of wine.


Anonymous said...

Now...imagine if you moved to the city before you had kids and came back after! I'm seriousluy doing so next year..bye bye manford the city that works...see you in a couple of years.

Stamford Talk said...

So you are going to spend the rest of your carefree childless days in the city? Not a bad idea. The city is a playground for adults. Love it.

Manager Mom said...

As soon as my kids go to college, I'm moving back to the city.

Just 11 short years away and I will be whooping it up.