Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer: Yellow Nails, Blues Traveler, Dead Animals

Sign of Summer 1: I don’t mean to be flip about the dead animals. Last weekend, I screeched my car to a halt on the side of the road to rescue a turtle. Turns out someone had already run it over and cracked the poor thing’s shell.

I know he was going to die a slow death after I placed him on the side of the road, but I don’t think there is anything else I could have done. Someone should have stopped long before he got that far out into the road. If there is any animal that’s easy to save, it’s a turtle. I’m sure none of you passed a turtle on Cold Spring on Saturday, because if you are the type to read this blog, you’re the type to save an easy to save animal.

An increase in animal encounters is a sign of summer. Whether it’s ticks, frogs, owls, baby deer, mosquitos, jelly fish, or snakes, let’s be on the lookout for our non-human neighbors. I’m busy monitoring a pack of young chipmunks running amok in my yard, so the rest of you need to pick up my slack with the other species.

Sign of Summer 2: Thursday summer concerts downtown! It’s got some fancy name, like Live at Five, or Alive at Five, which I get mixed up with the Fridays at Five concerts in college. All you have to know is that there is lots of beer and rock/R and B music.

This Thursday-- and I’ve already got an image of what it’s going to be like running through my head-- is BLUES TRAVELER!!!

Here’s what it’s gonna look like: all the girls are in tank tops, it’s hot as hell (although my weather widget says 77 and sunny), the music is so loud, and we’re dancing and singing along. Yeah! No coolers, no pets, etc. Just bring yourself and some cash to buy water and beer. I’d also plan ahead for parking; I’m scheming as we speak.

Sign of Summer 3: I kicked off the start of summer today by getting a bright yellow manicure. Ever since my bright blue manicure garnered me tons of attention, I’ve been picturing lime green as my next color. Zen Nails didn’t have that, so I went with yellow. It’s pretty bonkers.

Zen Nails, again, was a disaster. Understaffed, unaggressive cuticle grooming, no one to give me a massage while my nails dried... but all the equipment is new and they have great colors! Do not go there if you have any sort of time constraint. It took me almost an hour and a half to get a mani-pedi, but my nails look awesome. My toenails are magenta.

Oh- and my ATV riding neighbor who illegally rides on the street, with his kid, with no helmet? Well... now, at least, the kid has a helmet on... a helmet that’s adult-sized. Great. Just great.

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Manager Mom said...

I can't decide if the idea of Blues Traveler at Alive at Five excites me (cause I love their music) or depresses me (cause, I mean, can gigs at state fairs and ultimate oblivion be far behind?)

Also it is supposed to be hot, and I've seen Blues Traveler, and the idea of seeing John Popper sweat that much again is a sight that I was hoping NEVER to see in my lifetime.

I'm telling ya, Classic Nails on Hope St. Or swing by Tiffany Nails on Greenwich Avenue after work some day. And get a crepe at Meli Melo. hey, can I join you for that?

Kevin McKeever said...

You're missing the obvious Stamford link, girly girl. John Popper grew up in these parts, and went to Stamford (now Trinty) Catholic. His big debut was doing the Blues Brothers at the talent show his sophomore (and last year) there. I am a witness. Can I get an amen?

Spike and Roxy said...

Well if my last post made you sick, you returned the favor. The thought of turtles getting run over skeeves me out. I hate when I see that on the side of the road.

Factor in the Blues Travelers and I'm officially ill.

Amanda said...

Isn't John Popper a skinny little thing now?

Anonymous said...

The more people talk about how great Alive at 5 is, the more I don't want to go. People make it sound like its a big, obnoxious, drunken frat party. Which is about as far from what I like at a concert as you can get.

Anonymous said...

AlwaysH&UC: great point! I'll be there, looking forward to it!

p.s. ST I would pull over to save a turtle're good peeps I can tell :)

Anonymous said...

Deer are gone in North Stamford.

Used to tolerate the fact that they aate the shrubs and the flowers because the same family of four returned snd it was fun watching the fawns turn into yearlings.

Then they just disappeared.

A woman at the flower store who gets the SPCA newsletter said there was an organized campaign to eliminate them, she's read about in in there. So who knows?

Unknown said...

Anon: they got chased away by the loud wild turkeys (lol). But more seriously, while I haven't seen any downtown lately, there have been plenty on the parkways and my friend in North Stamford still get their Hostas eaten down by them on a regular basis.