Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thursday TV: Stamford on Kitchen Nightmares!

I really hope I do not make it onto the TV show Kitchen Nightmares, which was shot in Stamford last February. A lucky convergence of events ended up with my husband and I (and other members of the Stamford blog network) eating at the featured resto post-makeover. It's awkward eating with a camera in your face, and I'm not the type who can play things cool, so I really hope there is no embarrassing footage of me. This photo is a paparazza-style shot I took of the resto on filming night.

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Anonymous said...

Watch out in Stamford this week. I got a super lame speeding ticket on Wash Blvd. And saw another 3 cops out on my 3 mile trip hm. Saw another 2 this am. City must need $$. GRRR!

Anonymous said...

how lame was it? wash blvd is 30 mph right? how fast did they clock you, and at what time of the day?

Anonymous said...

OMGosh! Are you crazy!? As a pedestrian (and almost exclusively a pedestrian in this city), it's about time. I wish they'd focus more on Atlantic/Bedford, Broad.

(Sorry your Kitchen Nightmares thread got hijacked, ST.)

patty said...

I agree with the last Anonymous post: slow down!

Talk, I'm counting on you and your cleavage being prominently featured on tonight's episode. I've never seen this show before, but I've got the DVR ready.

Anonymous said...

I agree, speeding on Bedford would not be cool. But to be fair, have any of you been in a car on Wash Blvd? The speed limit is 35 on that road - that's simply wrong. Try driving 35 all along that road before all you high and mighties levy the holier than thou, universal 'Slow down'...