Monday, September 3, 2007

Cold Stamford: No Love for the Music?

SCOOP: It’s headline news that Stamford prefers cover bands to original music. While searching online for Jimmy’s Seaside’s Sept. 8 Block Party, I found a Stamford Times article by Amanda Pinto. She interviewed local musicians who- this is insane- can’t find places to play in Stamford. Most bars book cover bands, many use DJs instead of live bands, and the one notable venue, Jimmy’s, can’t accommodate all who want to play.
MY TAKE: Lack of live original music in a place is a bad, bad, sign. “Live original music” sounds folk-y, but it can be punk or funk or rock or metal. It just means the band plays their own material. Original music is creativity. It’s a different view, it’s a passionate view. It’s art. I’d hate to think that Stamford is made up of people who work and drink and don’t care about music.
VERDICT: Stamford-ites should be open to songs they haven’t already heard 300 times on the radio, their iPod, or a mixed tape in high school. Come to Jimmy’s Open Jam on Wed., and contact musicians you know to make sure they’re going. Add a comment here if you know bands that are playing in Stamford, OR Stamford bands that are playing elsewhere.

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Anonymous said...

There is music but it is under the the singer at Ocean 211 on Saturdays, Jazz band at Tonic on Thursdays, Funk at Chez Jean Pierre on Wednesdays, Summertime band at the Crab Shell...but I'll agree that there is certainly not one or two clubs booking serious bands. There is room a club like that in all these abandoned warehouses, LI Sound side of the train station, but so far it's all antiques and scrap metal. Some one should put a club where "Go Vertical" used to be...