Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sept. 4-9: Smash a Car and Dance!

Events this week, culled from local papers, that appeal to me.
Mellow original music- Bennigan’s 6:30. Anna Nyakana and her guitar.
Original music by the Spinning Plates- Dragonfly Lounge. Looks interesting. They play most Tuesdays, so I'll probably go next week.
Photography Exhibit- g/r/a/n/d, 7-9 pm. Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and music- free! Sources suggest the free stuff is only for the first two hours.
Open Jam- Jimmy’s Seaside. Starts at 9, I’d go at 10.
Thursday and Friday:
I'm not sure yet. Many of you, I'm sure, will be heading to the Oyster Fest in Norwalk. Does Stamford have an equivalent to that?
Car-smashing for breast cancer- the A&P on High Ridge, 9 to 5. A 10 $ raffle ticket puts you in the Nov. 5 drawing for a car and a European vacation. BUT HERE’S THE THING I JUST CAN’T PICTURE: WHEN YOU BUY A TICKET, YOU GET TO SMASH A PINK CAR WITH A HAMMER. Can you imagine all that metal and chrome everywhere? It doesn’t sound safe, but I’m sure gonna go see it. Raveis hosts the fundraiser.
Block Party- Jimmy’s Seaside at noon. I’m not sure if there’s a cover, but if there is, it will be worth the free beer and music.
Discussion of Current Issues- Chez Jean-Pierre on Bedford St. from 5-7. I LOVE to discuss things with strangers. I’m not sure if you are expected to buy dinner; that would be awkward. 978-0467.
Wild Card: Possible Ukranian Church festival- no clue where. It sounds awesome. The traditional dancing is at 2:45 pm, but there’s food earlier. I read about it somewhere last week, and, proving once again why I am starting this blog, I can no longer find the info online or in any newspaper. Just like the cricket match: NOTHING. I called the phone # listed in the paper and left a message for the man on the answering machine who spoke both English and Ukraine. He hasn't called me back. It’s 5$ in advance (324-0242) and 10 $ at the door. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

The picture I have in my head of a frenzied mob smashing a pink car with a hammer is too funny. I might have to check it out!