Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ukranian Fest is a Go!

SCOOP: There is a Ukraine Festival at St. Basil's College on Glenbrook Road. It’s the 40th annual Ukrainian Connecticut Day Festival. A really nice man called me back. The kitchen gets going around noon, dancers 2-ish, and then traditional music with 5 bands from all over the region. One of the groups from NYC has a "haunting Carpathian" sound. Arts and crafts, beer, Ukranian flea market (?), a raffle, and a Ukranian museum inside the college. Last year 2500 people attended.

MY TAKE: Ukraine Day sounds just like Norwalk's Oyster Fest. Both have music and beer, but Ukraine Day has more than just oysters.

I couldn't get a clear answer on the end time. "Oh, 6 or so-- but the music lasts later."
Me: "Like, 9 or so?"
Him: "No, no, like 7-- until the food and beer run out."
This sounds like my kind of party. Mass chaos all day, home by 7 to relax and get ready for the work week.
Me: "What if it rains?"
Him: "It's only rained once in 40 years."
Me: "What did you do?"
Him (merrily): "Oh, it was a disaster!"

The forecast looks good: maybe a stray shower. I don't even care. I plan on buying my ticket in advance. It's 5$ (call 324-0242), or 10 $ at the door.

VERDICT: Good cultural opportunity. When I go to Cove Beach, I hear many different languages spoken. Polish, Russian, Ukranian? I know nothing about these cultures, and on Sunday, I get to learn about Ukraine.

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