Saturday, September 1, 2007

Restaurant Week(s): Ya Missed It

SCOOP: Stamford's Restaurant Weeks happened, and I totally missed it.
MY TAKE: The Stamford Times gets delivered to me every Friday for free. You probably get it too but don't realize that it has good info on Stamford library events and concerts in the area (not concerts in Stamford of course, but in Norwalk and Westport). I love the Stamford Times, but in today's edition, an article titled "Stamford Summer Restaurant Weeks begins" (Weeks is not a typo) informed me that it starts Aug. 20 and ends Sept. 2. Well, that's tomorrow. I would have liked to know earlier that Telluride, Bennett's and other restaurants were offering prix fixe for 30.07$. That's a damn steal. Did anyone know about this? Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but I've been reading the Advocate for five days straight, and I was downtown several times last week. I didn't see anything. Maybe the regulars at Columbus Park Trattoria (site of our lobster head fiasco) and g/r/a/n/d (whatever) knew about it, but isn't the point of Downtown's Restaurant Association to get more customers? My two cents: it needed more publicity.
VERDICT: Let's make a mental note to keep our eyes peeled next August.


essjaebee said...

Just wanted to tell everyone about the negative experience I had at TAWA on High Ridge Road. Had a VERY negative experience from Tawa. We ate there, had a decent meal, decided the next time that we would order to go since the staff is very attentive and tends to hover. The fact that the place was nearly 3/4 empty didn't help the staff. So we next ordered a "to go" order and I tried to order what I'd had my first attempt, lamb wrapped in pastry. I was told "it was difficult to prepare this dish to go" but I dared to say please try. They substituted another dish, not to my liking (it had a tomato sauce base, the original did not), I returned to the restaurant, in person, dish in hand, and asked for a refund. The owner refused, telling me this was the dish I had ordered. I am out $14.95 and have filed a report with the BBB of Stamford. His bad attitude is not what I expect from a good or even mediocre establishment. I hope that others will shun this place as well. There are enough Indian restaurants in Stamford, we don't need to put up with arrogant owners.

Stamford Talk said...

Wow- I've been raving about Tawa! I had the opposite experience, but hey, different days, different experiences. I'd be curious to know what other readers have experienced.

Anonymous said...

Definitely arrogant and proud manager, you can tell he's a "gold digger" (just after your money)

Stamford Talk said...

But how is that possible if the buffet is so good?
Although I do agree that essjaebee's experience sounded very bad.