Saturday, September 8, 2007

I Smashed the Pink Car!

SCOOP: Right now it's 12:15 on Saturday. You have about five hours to go smash that car for breast cancer. It's worth it.
MY TAKE: I got off the High Ridge exit on the way home from Maine and gasped. The pink car. I'd forgotten. I veered over into the left lane and turned into the A and P parking lot. Shoppers wandered over to take a look as a kid banged the car with a sledge hammer. There wasn't chrome flying everywhere. Oh well.
I tucked ten bucks in my pocket, grabbed my camera, and hopped out. A volunteer didn't have to talk me into anything, especially after she told me I got as many hits as I wanted. I got my raffle ticket, for cool prizes like jewelry and trips. The volunteer's assistants/family were eager for me to take a slam, but I said, "I'm a little afraid I'll hurt myself with that sledge hammer." Someone offered me a mallet, and I said, OK. I took a couple slams. It felt pretty good but that car was not as easily smashable as you'd think. I think it was a Toyota Tercel. The scary glass parts had already been removed for safety.
The people that were running it were awesome. Raveis sounded so boring to me; I pictured people in button downs only giving you one hit at the car. No sir. After I had a few hits with the mallet, a nice man brought over the sledge hammer and encouraged me to really do some damage. That thing was HEAVY, but it did make bigger dents.
VERDICT: GO! QUICK! That car needs a lot of people to smash it so it gets more broken up !!! It barely looked smashed at noon! We must destroy that car!

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