Saturday, September 29, 2007

Schakolad Means Chocolate

After the sausage and broccoli rabe pasta at Cappriccio, I was too full for my favorite dessert, the Torta della Nonna. On the way to the car, I spotted Schakolad, the chocolate store across the street, and veered toward it. I got a colorful conglomeration of chocolates, all made on site. Ounce for ounce, they probably had more calories than the Torta della Nonna, but they weren't filling, and the variety made for a fun taste-test. Consider Schakolad as a quick post-dinner treat or a place to fill your purse on the way to the Avon. It’s open until 8pm on Friday and Saturday, and 7pm Monday-Thursday.

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Chris said...

I had a great experience at this place last Spring. My friend had just proposed to his girlfriend, so I went looking for an easy gift to send them. I stumbled into Schakolad and bought them some chocolate body lotion and a chocolate champagne bottle.

I gave them my friend's address in nyc, and they took care of the shipping. Well, actually, they didn't take care of it. Something went wrong and my friend never received the gift.

I went back into the story a month later and spoke with the owner. He clearly felt bad and replaced the gift, no questions asked.

Obviously I would have preferred that the gift arrive the first time, but sometimes mistakes happen. And great customer service recognizes that and makes up for it.

I'll definitely go back.