Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Real Gossip: Travolta Sightings in Stamford

Some of you may know that John Travolta is in town filming a movie for Disney called "Old Dogs." He's living in Greenwich, but he was seen working out at LA Fitness in Stamford, right near the Super Stop and Shop on Bedford. A reader informed Stamford Talk that he has been seen working out in the evenings around 8:30.
I have three comments about that:
1. Why LA Fitness? Is it super nice?
2. Maybe he's not living in Greenwich- why would he come up here to work out? My reader suggested he might be living at a hotel nearby.
3. If you see him, PLAY IT COOL. We don't want to make Stamford look desperate. You can smile and say hi, but keep moving. Do not stop. Do not try to have a conversation, and above all, do not ask for an autograph.
Most sightings reported in various local papers are mostly in Greenwich: at Terra on the Ave. (Robin Williams is also in the film and has been seen there), at a wine store near Asiana Cafe on Rt.1, and possibly the Greenwich Y. I bet the Greenwich people at the Y bothered him, and he sought more laid-back pastures in Stamford.
Travolta photo courtesy of Ack Ook.

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