Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stamford Chorale: My Brush with Fame

Uh.... my picture is in the Stamford Advocate today!!!!!! It's unrelated to Stamford Talk- I'm not that famous yet. Actually, it is related to Stamford Talk. Because of my raging desire to know everything about Stamford, I subscribed to the Stamford Advocate, which notified me of the Stamford Chorale, so I went, and a (cute) photographer from the Advocate showed up.
I almost didn't go to SC; I was exhausted. Screw it, I thought, remembering my commitment to Stamford Talk. I'm going. I threw on some clothes, ripped a comb through my hair, looked in the mirror and thought, Wow, you look bad, and rushed out the door. The picture is so embarrassing. I'm wincing like the music is really hard. It's not hard, so you should join if you have any ability to a) sight-read or b) copy the person next to you, which is how I learned to sing in college. SC needs more men. Guys, good opp for meeting women if you can hold a tune. Ladies, let's get some more young people in the group. Thanks to Zupao for the photo, taken in Dublin.

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