Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm Going to Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is an awesome gym, but DON'T JOIN IT, because I want to join it, and I don’t want the rest of you taking up the elliptical machines. I visited the gym with a friend last month (Stamford Talk research) and was impressed.

I love my NYSC, but after they renovated and put in squash courts and a pool… well, the gym lost its tough-guy edge. Now, it looks like the tough guys are at Planet Fitness. I’m OK with that, because I like to feel tough when I go to the gym.

Good things about Planet Fitness:
It offers tons of cardio machines and a relaxed atmosphere. There are rows of cardio machines- 4 or so rows of 15 machines, all in a block, facing the same direction. At first it looked awkward, but once I got on the elliptical, surrounded by all those people running and stepping like crazy, I didn't think twice about breaking a sweat. I was part of a TEAM.

And the 10 $ a month price tag? Unbeatable! If you get the black card for 20 $, you get unlimited guests (and, oddly, tanning). I'm going to keep my NYSC membership; I've been going there for 8 years and got grandfathered in at a good price during the renovation. To me, though, PF is worth the additional 20 bucks so I can work out with my 3 friends who belong, AND make my husband go as my guest.

Bad things about PF:
I wish there were more free weights. At 5 pm, it was pretty busy. However, it’s cool to have to work in with people. You have to actually talk to them and say, "Hey, can I work in?" rather than going to the THIRD lat pull so you can avoid talking to anyone (that's what I do at my NYSC). Anyway, the point of PF is to offer basic stuff so the price can stay low. There are no classes and no towel service, but the locker room is pretty nice, and that’s important.

If you want to pay 80 bucks a month and get yoga and Boot Camp and Latin Groove classes and beautiful new machines, go to NYSC. If you are less high-maintenance and just want straightforward weights and cardio, PF could be the perfect gym for you. No, the perfect gym for me. You stay away.


Picky Eater said...

I'm a huge fan of the Darien YMCA. Yeah, I know, it's Darien, not Stamford. But I get bored as hell while working out, so I can actually not only tolerate but ENJOY the elliptical when I can work out while watching sunset over the Long Island Sound and watching my own little personal TV!

The facilities are beautiful, yoga classes are (mostly) really good, and you can't beat the setting. It's also $80/month (cheaper when you have others in the family join too) but you get a lot for the $ - great facilities, new equipment, 2 pools, lots of classes in brand new studios. Nice.

Adam Bernard said...

This tough guy is at The Edge (formerly The Fitness Edge)!

Stamford Talk said...

Is Fitness (I mean, the Edge) in Fairfield? Can it POSSIBLY compare with Planet Fitness?
From Maura's comment, it seems like the Darien Y is pretty similar to my NYSC. Ah, Darien. You are pretty.

Unknown said...

I was a member of planet fitness for a few years...loved it, and you can't beat the price. It didn't have classes then (not that I cared)...does it now? I only stopped going there because I moved and it took too long to get there from where I live now.