Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stamford Food: So, So Good

Yikes. I've spent the entire morning posting on, which is a great site for posting your own restaurant reviews, reading other foodies' suggestions, and discussing local food options. If you care at all about eating out, you should be checking that site out. I apologize in advance for the "Tri-State" board, which necessitates sorting through Long Island, Westchester and even New Jersey to find the CT topics. Just search the board, though, for either Stamford or Fairfield CT. I got so many food ideas that I don't even know what to do with myself.

Here's my shortlist of places to try: Athens Pizza's Greek pizza, Sundance Cafe on Broad St. for soup, Uncle Dai for Chinese, Giovanni's Deli, Belltown Pizza, Springdale Pizza, and also Avenida and Toku Shin in (gasp!) Greenwich. I usually support Stamford restaurants, but if it's Latino or Asian food, I'll travel. I know most of the places I listed are smaller, but I've tried almost every single good restaurant in Stamford (more about that odyssey later). I'm trying Market this week, which the NY Times just gave a "VERY GOOD." I'll be calling for reservations the second it opens at what, 11:00? and pray that the rest of Stamford has yet to hear about the review.

Last night when I went to Dunn's Loft, the Summer St. parking lot was completely full, which is odd on a Tuesday night. Where IS everybody? I asked. Who is out on a TUESDAY? Now, I realize, they were probably at Market.

Later this week, I'll post my glowing review of Dunn's Loft (four words: filet mignon, pool table!) and my goal of trying every Stamford restaurant, which I get closer to as each week passes.

Until then, Stamford, eat! Eat!

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Chowhound tends to delete comments about several places they have "targeted" for a variety of reasons, so you do not get a true scope of the resto scene.