Friday, January 4, 2008

New Stamford Restaurant: Fin II

Part of me thinks we don't need another sushi restaurant in Stamford. We already have Duo (ravingly reviewed in the NY Times), Kujaku and Kotobuki. I love Duo, and Kotobuki is my tried and true standby. Now the Advocate reports that Fin II is opening on West Main… right next door to Kujaku and a block away from Duo. Okay, that’s odd. However, I’ve eaten at almost every Stamford restaurant except Market, so I’m excited about Fin II, if only to have something to talk about.

Here’s what the Advocate has to say: “Fin II is the sister of Fin, a popular Japanese restaurant in Fairfield. The Stamford opening generated a lot of buzz among the sushi and Japanese food aficionados in the area, though for those who had never been to Fin in Fairfield, the unprepossessing little storefront remodeling seemed like much ado over relatively nothing. Now that it is open and has been sampled, it is most definitely much ado over something.” I didn’t hear the buzz, but I’ve been scaling down my extragant eating out lately, so maybe I’m out of the loop. I also haven’t been on in a while.

Advocate Writer Melanie Barnard writes: “Still, the simplicity and almost sandwich-shop look of the place gave pause until my friend admonished me with a heaving sigh that I'd spent too much time and money in the glitz and glitter of new restaurants, and that the honored Japanese tradition is much more of restraint and quiet demonstrations of quality.” If I didn’t know the Advocate has nothing but good intentions, and if I didn’t know in my heart that anyone who doesn’t like Duo is crazy, I’d think that comment was a crack against Duo’s stylish interior and not so time-honored menu selections. Barnard’s review is overwhelmingly positive, so I think she meant to assure patrons that the simple interior doesn’t mean plain, poor food.

I’m looking forward to trying Fin II. Prices sound reasonable, so if it’s as good or better than Kotobuki, I might have another restaurant in my rotation.


Anonymous said...

Go try Kiku Sushi on Hope St. in Springdale. It makes Kotobuki look like supermarket sushi.

Stamford Talk said...

I'll do that- I live nearby. It doesn't look crowded though, so I always worry about fresh fish...

Anonymous said...

Even if Kiku doesn't look busy, they're busy! I think they do 2 or three times as much take out as they do sit-down business. The fish is very fresh there.

Anonymous said...

This is the best sushi in Fairfield County, hands down. My husband and I go or order at min twice a week. It's always incredibly fresh fish, wonderful flavors and the sashimi is comparable to that of Nobu at a fraction of the price.

I thought we would have to continue getting in the car and driving to Wild Ginger in Greenwich, because that was the closest/best we could find when we moved from Manhattan!

Thank goodness for Fin II. Now Stamford finally has a high quality true sushi joint.


Anonymous said...

I have been to Kiku twice now. The most amazing, innovative sushi is being done by their young chefs. Specials: "Live Scallop" I did not think it could be topped. Next time I had another Special: Tuna salad. Not mom's tuna salad. Romaine leaves stuffed with multi colored peppers, wrapped with thinly slice tuna with a
honey wasabi mustard drizzled over. Sensational.