Monday, January 7, 2008

Events Jan 8-10: School Redistricting Meeting, Russian Movies, and A Pretty Voice

Tues Jan 8, 7pm: A School Redistricting Hearing will be held tonight at Cloonan Middle. Stamford wants to redistrict the elementary schools so they’re more socio-economically balanced (Supreme Court recently ruled that race can’t be a factor). The meeting ALSO involves discussion about which elementary school will be closed, since OOPS, Stamford committed to building a new magnet school in the Cove before they realized the school population wasn’t increasing like they predicted.

Tues, Jan 8, 6:30 pm: Russian Film Festival at the Ferguson. We're lucky to have events like this. I bet Darien doesn't, and they also don't have the Haitian Book Festival. Grab a friend, get dinner at Capriccio, and walk over to the library.

Wed, Jan 9, 8:30: My friend Beth January is playing at Las Vetas lounge. That's in Fairfield, but I met Beth in Stamford, and she's in the Stamford Talk inner circle, so drop by if you're in the area. You can hear samples at digstation.

Thurs, Jan 11, 6:30: The Ferg is showing Sicko by Michael Moore. I dozed off halfway through, but my friend Keya loved it. Movie will be shown in the Third Floor Auditorium.

I’ll post more events later if I find them!

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