Monday, January 28, 2008

FC Moms Online!

I just found a nice site for Moms in the FC, called Fairfield County Child. It's run by a Stamford resident, OF COURSE. This town is teeming with smart, energetic people who are taking the search for fun activities into their own hands!

Here's a little selection from the Advocate article:

The 31-year-old Stamford resident, whose daughter, Mia, was nearly a year old, had decided one day last year that "it was time to get her out of the house." But her search wasn't really that simple and took far longer than she had planned. She found herself scrolling through the pages of many area bookstores and libraries.

I wish I had kids so I could avail myself of this site. When it comes down to it, I just want to do fun stuff. I'm pretty opportunistic that about it. I'll sing, dance, read, and go to Kwanzaa fest, all in the name of making friends. If I had a kid, I'd be hitting playgroup after playgroup to try to meet other cool moms. I actually already have my domain name ready for when I have kids. My husband balked at buying it, asking why I needed to get it years ahead of time, but I pitched a big fit, and we got it.


Mark said...

What's "FC". Is there a link to the site?

Stamford Talk said...

Ooops- sorry if the post title was unclear- the site that was mentioned in the Advocate is and
FC is Fairfield County!

Anonymous said...

Interesting site. I think the listings of events and things to do are handy, but can't help be put off by the references to the Darien Sport shop (WASP heaven!), New Canaan spa, kid fashion show, etc. These things are out of the financial reach of 95% of FC mothers and leave the impression that the site is aimed at the FC upper crust. The author needs to tone things down a bit.

meg said...

Ok I am two months late with this response, but I just stumbled upon this (ok I admit it, I googled my own site to see what people were saying about me) and wanted to comment on the post above about my blog,

It's never my intention to exclude anyone so I'm sorry if you see my site as too "upper crust". I find that funny because while I do have advertisers like Darien Sport Shop, I also feature a ton of free activities and events as well. I do have to pay the bills and that means having advertisers that some might see as out of reach for them.

By the way, I find Darien Sport Shop to be one of the most family friendly stores around and they have incredible sales and services for kids (they'll tailor all garments for as long as you own them. So if you buy Junior a pair of pants they will alter them as he grows for no charge. At Easter time they invited families to come and visit the Easter Bunny and every kid got a free professional photo on the Bunny's lap. Just two examples for you.

Anyway, thank you for the feedback and I hope you'll come back and visit again. Just today I posted an activity for families that is FREE and accessicle to all.