Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pete Seeger Documentary at the Avon

You missed it. This entry is just an excuse to talk about myself and tell you to pay better attention to the Avon Theatre's special events listing.

I like my alone time, but I'm so funny that it's a real shame no one is around to appreciate all of the cinematic moments that I generate on a regular basis. For example, Tuesday night, as I waiting for the Pete Seeger documentary to start, I was eating Sour Patch Kids while reading Eating Well magazine. Oh, the irony! I can only hope the people behind me noticed and had a chuckle at my expense.

I don't only use my friends as an audience, I use them as inspiration. If a friend had been at the movie with me, I would have had the moral support to shout something silly in the post-film discussion with the director.

When the director said, "We did a limited theater release so we could get it out on DVD, and get it viewed as much as possible before the election," my interest antennae went up. Before the election? Why? Was Pete's antiwar message going to encourage folks to vote for... Obama? I felt my face turn warm, and the urge grew to shout, "Who's Pete voting for?" If a friend had been with me, I would have yelled my question and gotten some laughs, and perhaps even an answer.

My friends inspire me to make bold, confident choices. If I'd had a friend with me at Meli-Melo today, I would have had the courage to order a second bowl of soup. But you know, we all have our travails in life, and I guess going alone to movies and cute French bistros is my cross to bear.

FYI Pete is a total badass. Like me, you probably didn't know that. It's too complicated for me to go into, so see the glowing New York Times review for a description of the movie that does Seeger justice.

Visit the Avon Theatre's site for a listing of future special events.

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