Friday, January 25, 2008

Stamford Restaurant: Dunn’s Loft... Steak!

I bring good steak news: we have an alternative to traditional, unadventurous Morton’s.* Dunn's Loft has soul-warming filet mignon, better prices, better atmosphere, and a better location: right across from the Summer Street movie theatre.

Dunn’s Loft is beautiful: tall ceiling, rich red walls and, smack in the middle of the room, an impressive pool table. The pool table is in great shape, maybe because Dunn’s Loft is very new and very upscale. Rather than sloppy young drunks in baseball caps, I picture nicely-dressed 30 year old couples- not married!- playing in a self-assured yet subtly flirtatious way. I picture it because that’s what I saw when I was there.

Robert Dunn, owner of Ocean 211 downstairs, opened this boutique steak house five months ago. Boutique sounds silly, but I’m sticking by my adjective. By boutique, I mean small, great-quality, a little expensive, and more personal service. It also means “the place that Patricia Brooks will be reviewing next.“ She’ll probably be there tomorrow, and the review will be published next week, and the place will be jammed forever after. This is pure conjecture, but at this point, I’m starting to know Patricia’s patterns.

If you don’t want steak, DL has other choices. I didn’t notice them because I knew I was getting the filet mignon. I was really hungry so I put the menu down as soon as I decided which sauce I wanted (horseradish peppercorn). I chose fries as my side; good call, because I got a big bowl of thin fries. I’m overjoyed to tell you the filet mignon is only 30 bucks, and big. You’ll pay that at a mediocre place, so you might as well go to DL. And, sides are free, unlike at Morton’s. Until we meet again, I’ll be thinking about Dunn’s Loft and the insanely flavorful seared surface of my steak.

Our waitress was really nice and gave us lots of insider info. The only part I’ll share is that there’s a guitar player on Friday and Saturday nights. He sets up right by the bar and pool table. Sounds like a damn good scene to me.

*Morton’s, nothing personal. I like you, and I had a good birthday dinner at you. Your molten chocolate cake is still awesome, and your bar is still filled with youngish men in suits. It would probably be a pretty obvious ploy for a single woman to go sit at the bar, but we only have one life, so...

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JT said...

Duff's Loft is great! The Friday/ Saturday scene is very cool. Go early to have a drink at the bar and shoot some pool before diner.

Prices are reasonable too.