Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Everybody's Fine Filming at UConn Stamford

I can't get out of work 'til 4 ish but if someone could check it out and perhaps even bring your camera JIK (that's short for just in case- I'm not against lol style ok?) that would be awesome. I went to the EF set last Friday and it was a little boring, but if I have faith that if I keep going, something interesting will happen to me.

When I was at the EF set in Shippan on Friday, I saw no stars, but I had a great chat with a really nice cop. I got to hear them yell, "Standby!" and "Cut!" while filming went on in the house. Here's a pic of that house; I drove by Saturday and took a paparazzi-like shot of it. I was playing it too cool during the filming to pull out my camera. I was the only civilian there and I think people thought I belonged. I was wearing a black shirt (did that on purpose), so I fit right in. I'm sneaky. Sneaky, but very, very discrete. You can trust me.

I will zip over to the UConn set as soon as I can even though it's a major pain to park and walk over.

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Unknown said...

You are the one with the finger on the pulse of Stamford now - not only should you have shot a pic during filming, you should have set your camera on video and insisted the stars sit down with you for an interview!

Anonymous said...

Channel 12 news today reporting on Mayor Malloy's home getting shot at...neighbor's first reaction "I thought it was part of a movie"

haha...but as an afterthought it's not really that funny :(

Stamford Talk said...

I just read that it was only a BB gun. Odd, huh?

I did drive by the set at 415 pm today, but all the action was in the building, and I wasn't in the mood to park, walk back, and walk up to a door and ask a guy in a headset that I didn't recognize if I could come hang. I'm not categorically against doing that, but I wasn't in the right mindset today. My pants were a little tight (damn non-stretch cotton and Oreos) and no one wants to meet new people when your thighs don't feel thin.

That's OK. Another day will come.

Anonymous said...

They are filming at the train station today.

Stamford Talk said...

Really? What did you see?

Anonymous said...

Stamford Talk. Shouldn't you be the one telling us what's going on in Stamford? Not the other way around? You're always asking other people about what they saw. I agree with Stationstops.

Stamford Talk said...

You mean I need to be more aggressive?