Friday, May 2, 2008

Gray Day, Bad Mood, Everybody's Fine in Stamford

Despite some grump-inducing incidents* and conditions today, I drove out to North Stamford to see what I could see on the set of Everybody's Fine. I saw some posh homes and four big white equipment tractor trailers, and not much else. All the filming was being done indoors in a white, modern home. I strolled down to the cul-de-sac and took a picture of the house before I even saw another human being, but then a few people appeared to investigate who I was. Click on the picture to see a bigger image.

On the drive up, I was thinking, "I need something interesting to come of this, because I'm in a really bad mood." I didn't expect it though; I was only hoping, because I didn't want to set myself up for a let down. I'd say the reality met my expectations. The only thing that exceeded them were the crew members and set people I met (probably not the correct terms for their jobs). They were much friendlier than I expected. After some chit-chat, they nicely told me to buzz off. I can respect that.

Here are a few pics of Barrymore and DeNiro on set in Stamford last week.

I am so excited to check out another set in the future. Now that I've done it once, I'm feeling more confident about invading other people's spaces. I don't care about seeing stars; I just want to see some action in this town.

*One upsetting incident was the clerk at the convenience store by Sabatiello's and Capriccio being rude to me. I needed batteries for my Stamford Talk camera because I was going to drive up to the movie set.
Me: "Do you have batteries behind the counter?"
He says not a word and points to the batteries behind him with no expression on his face.
"Oh!" I decide to let it go; maybe he just has a bad personality. "I'll take four AA." I get out my credit card.
"Ten dollars minimum."
Now I'm growing angry. You can at least smile and add an ounce of life to your voice, because guess what, I'm in a bad mood too, but I'm making an effort. I don't feel well, and this man is pushing me over the edge. "I don't have any cash," I growl, snatch my Republic Grill take out menu off the counter, and stomp out the door.

I am never going back there again. The owners/clerks at the convenience store right by Margot's in Bull's Head are much nicer. Now it's confirmed that they are my candy/battery/milk store of choice. I'm going to ask my husband to boycott the Bedford St. store, and maybe you will, too. Let's destroy mean people.

Another upsetting incident was a cop saying, "C'mon, move it!" to me as I was driving past the Trump Parc construction site, which as usual, was causing traffic delays. I was engrossed in watching a man hook up a bundle of metal rods to a gigantic crane about 20 feet from me. I wanted to wait and see if the load would lurch perilously over the road, but my one second hesitation was too much for that cop. "Move it, move it!" he shouted. I screamed an obscenity that he probably heard through my closed windows as I sped off. That was just before I drove up to the movie set.

I'm going to go get a lime green manicure at Zen Spa and Nails to boost my mood. Please forgive my grumpiness today. It's nothing a little nail polish can't fix.


patty said...

Dear Talk, I hope today is a better and brighter day for you.

I share your assessment - the Bulls Head variety is da bomb. And I will boycott Lesser, Grumpier Variety in solidarity.

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful house that they are filming Everybody's Fine in. I should know, it's my brothers'. Really, it is.

Anonymous said...

That house looks so amazing! is it a private house and do you have other pictures from it? like rooms or a overview of the entire building? is it called something special or is it a private home? do you know where i could find more pictures?? :)

Stamford Talk said...

I didn't get to go in unfortunately!
Im dying to see the movie...