Thursday, May 22, 2008

Farlanders Filming at Dragonfly Tonight

From "Farlanders is filming at the Dragonfly Lounge in Stamford, CT. One of our readers, Nick, spoke to one of the workers who said they are filming tonight and that at least John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph will be there. He also said that the movie will take place in Montreal so they are trying to turn the restaurant into a Montreal one." Cool! I have not been in Dragonfly yet; I've been there when it was the Playwright.

I walked by the Vine St. Farlanders set yesterday and 7 men were standing outside the house doing nothing. I stood on the sidewalk for 40 seconds, looked at them, looked away, raised myself up on my tipppie-toes to try to look casual (wearing my movie set outfit of jeans and black shirt), craned my neck to look in the door when it opened (saw bright blue light from all the huge outdoor lights trained on the house), then strolled away. You can't even stand in the street, like I did at the Everybody's Fine Shippan house, so you absolutely cannot look like you are not a stalker at the Vine St. set. I'll put a pic of the Vine St. house up when I get home today.


Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the info! I went for a walk late tonight and noticed activity on summer street. turning stamford into montreal.. that's kinda cool.

Anonymous said...

I live right by the Dragonfly, I couldn't believe all the activity for Midnight...looks really cool, can't believe it :-)