Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Finally Saw Some Movie Action!

I left work early and decided to follow up on a tip received earlier in the day on Stamford Talk: that a film crew had been spotted at Curley's. Coming down Wash. Blvd., I saw a police motorcycle slowly coming north with a cavalcade of vehicles behind him. I whipped out my Stamford Talk camera (always at the ready!) and snapped, as it passed, a flatbed truck with some black equipment on the front and a car on the back. Another car drove right beside the flatbed filming into the driver's side window. Cool!

Of course, I timed the shots perfectly so I got the front of the truck, the end of the truck, and totally missed the car on the flatbread (flatbed!) that probably contained Barrymore or DeNiro. Oh well. When the film comes out, we'll see if there's a car scene with Wash Blvd. slipping by in the background. Thanks for all the great movie tips; keep them coming!

I got to Curley's and the film crew was packing up. On the way home, I was so tired that I let a cement truck come out in front of me, and the person behind me honked in annoyance. Dude, get a grip. We were stuck in traffic anyway so what is the big deal? Even though you whipped around me in a big huff, I ended up right behind you
after the cement truck pulled into the Trump Parc area. These poor, stresssed-out drivers are seeming more petulant and juvenile by the day. Do my Stamford Talk Zen strategies put me on a higher plane... or am I just too tired to get angry?


Anonymous said...

Wow. You are really on the case!

A car on flatbread sounds good right about now.

I'm guessing it's the stressed out drivers with the tired problem. I'd venture to say that they're getting less than their seven hours per night. Oh, so look out for me today!

Leadhyena Inrandomtan said...

!!! I saw this as well, when I was driving to the dentist. I was heading north across from the mall when I saw the flatbed filming rig with police surrounding it. I didn't have enough time to whip out the camera, and I wish I had (it was really cool, never seen a setup like that up close).

Anonymous said...

think it was kate beckinsale at the wheel!