Thursday, May 8, 2008

Movie Location Alert!!! in Shippan

Everybody’s Fine is filming near 45 Westcott Rd in Shippan. Click read more to see a map.

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I'm home sick from work, so of course I'm not going to drive down there. That would be crazy. Absolutely crazy. Bonkers insane.

Although, I mostly just have a sore throat. And, I was going to go to the grocery for chicken soup and nutrient-laden vegetables.


Anonymous said...

Saw them there yesterday. Trucks all over the place. Does anyone know how they pick the houses they film in?

My house has a great personallity and would love to see her used in a movie.

Anonymous said...

Be careful, Ms. Stamford Talk, or they MIIIIGGHT just start thinking that you're a hair more than an avid movie buff, and have taken a left turn into Stalkerville. I'd hate to see you get roughed up by some Hollywood bodyguard. Although, then you could probably sue them for a zillion dollars and dedicate your life to overturning every bit of gossip Stamford has to offer.

Stamford Talk said...

Nah, they love me. They don't even try to hide it. :) More on that later.
I do dream of running a gossip empire. But a positive one, not a sneaky one like a paparazza. Day by day. I'm taking it day by day.