Friday, May 16, 2008

I Finally Saw DeNiro on Set!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeay! I finally saw a famous actor on a film set! DeNiro is a surprisingly trim little man, but what I care about is how cool the crew is. They are intense and focused, but they seem like they're happy to be here. They're obviously the best of the best if they’re working with Bob. You know. Bob.

I owe Jorge BIG time for the tip on Everybody's Fine filming at the train station. I didn't go to the station to see the filming; coincidentally, I had to pick up my mom tonight at 630 pm on Amtrak from Virginia. I didn’t see any film crews when I got there, which was OK with me, because it’s easier if I don’t have to finagle my way up to a set and figure out how to justify blowing off the people in my life so I can spend an hour or two doing something totally useless... totally useless, but therefore so very freeing and enjoyable.

My mom’s train was running an hour late, so I plunked down, opened the laptop, did some writing and people-watched. I saw a lady in green stiletto mules reading The Secret, a woman with a gigantic butt licking a popsicle stick (like, a 400 calorie Dove Bar popsicle) and a blonde 8 year old in a white tennis skirt and pink sweater.

Then, I sensed someone striding by faster than normal and carrying no bags. I looked up to see the set manager I had run into when I went to the North Stamford location. I asked where they were filming and he unenthusiastically told me they were in the bus area. (I must seem like a run of the mill hanger on, plus he didn’t know I was there waiting for my mom, so he probably had an Uma Thurman moment.) I zipped on down and picked an unobtrusive place to watch.

The DeNiro double was sitting on a covered bench at a bus stop under I-95. After much waiting and the setting of the sun, the double got the hell out of the way and DeNiro strode on to do his stuff. A fake bus conductor came out, saw DeNiro sitting alone, and told him he missed the bus. Then DeNiro walked off with his rolly suitcase. It looked sad. I feel bad for men waiting for buses alone.

Anyway, it was awesome. Pedestrians didn't mind being rerouted on the way to the station and seemed excited about the movie. Stamford drivers behaved relatively well. The Stamford police on set were deft as ever, balancing the importance of keeping the set organized and safe with being relaxed at a cool event.

I wished I could have stayed longer, but I had to bring my mom (and sister who came home on the 9pm train) home. I wanted to go back out to watch some more, but my husband forbid me because supposedly I’ve been acting bitchy recently because I stay up too late blogging, watching Friday Night Lights and doing crossword puzzles. I love staying up late, and I really wanted to go out again and be outside and watch DeNiro try to catch a bus labeled “Salt Lake City.” But no. I have to wake up at 6am and go make money while maintaining a good mood. Damn you, real life, damn you.

Oh. I totally should have worn my black shirt. I stuck out like a sore thumb in my white tank and cropped seersucker jacket. Since I was being discreet, I didn't take any pics once things got going. The few pics I took could not be worse if I tried. Here is a bad picture of the set, pre-sunset and pre-anything happening:

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Anonymous said...

Glad you finally got to see a movie star on set, but I have to say, having parked my bike in the bus area for the day, it was really annoying having to wait around for them to let me go get it. That better be a poignant scene.

Anonymous said...

So glad you got to see him too. He's one of my favorites!

I think you should sign up on Twitter so you can keep us up to date by the minute on these sitings! You know, I'd have my ass down there in a minute for DeNiro... not really, but I'm sure you get me.

Amanda said...

Very exciting!!

I accidentally met Michael Imperioli when they were filming For One More Day last summer. It is super cool!

Anonymous said...

awesome! I love that you were there to pick people up from the train and not to gawk ;)

next time try to get a pic for us girl!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have a standing agreement that if I meet Drew Barrymore, and she's willing, I can have my with her. She's my top choice.

So yesterday, when I was coming back from the city around 7:30, I got my hopes up. But she was nowhere to be seen.

Drew...I'm here! On Herbietown! Come visit!

Anonymous said...

I have met a lot of celebrities, and most of them are a) short; b) boring;and/or 3) buttwipes.

But I would have to say, DeNiro would be exciting.Even if he was all of the above, he is just so dang talented.

Stamford Talk said...

We should have a Stamford Talk get together when the film comes out! Biker dude, the scene IS gonna be poignant. I felt like crying when I watched it because I got to hear an itty bit of the back story. Dad-daughter stuff.

See, I'm not taking pics because I believe if I am patient, something amazing will happen, like drinks with the crew and then Drew will come out too.

Also, I think I am too proud to take a pic of a celebrity. They are not cooler than me. I know I am there to see them, but it's not because of THEM, it's the unusualness of the event. I actually averted my eyes when DeNiro walked toward me because I was embarrassed to have him see me looking at him. We did that three times, he and I. That might sound like BS, but I completely ignore celebrities. I once locked eyes with Dave Matthews in the cereal aisle of a grocery store. I immediately looked away after I gave a tiny polite smile, the kind you give any cute guy you accidentally ogle. I guess what I am saying is, I doubt I will get a pic of DeNiro.

MommyK, when I get my iPhone, I will so be twittering, and you and the princess brigade can come ogle celebs while I try to blend in with the crew.

Anonymous said...

I rode in an elevator with Dave Matthews a few years ago at Jazz Fest in New Orleans and he was totally cool.

I got stuck in an elevator with Flavor Flav in college, and I still can't believe I didn't wind up pregnant.

Anonymous said...

There's a film crew today on Vine Road, near Newfield. They were setting up yesterday and there are a lot more people today in front of a private home on the north side of the street.

I got curious when I saw those colorful, cryptic printed signs posted around town with the name of the film upside down (oh, how clever these crews are!) I think this one is called "Farlander."

Could it be a sequel to "Zoolander"? Oh, I hope so! I've seen that one on cable tv so many times I can recite the dialogue from memory.

You can 'Derelict' my balls...

patty said...

Looks like kevin's fan club beat me to the punch. I saw the same crew about an hour ago as I was picking up my children early from school, due to the bomb threat (yes indeedy, you did read that right).

I noticed the same thing with the upside-down signs when Martin whosis was filming near the reservoir last summer.