Saturday, May 10, 2008

Newfield Ave Starbucks Was Mean to Stamford Talk

There are no good vibes emanating from the not-yet-open Starbucks! I'm not bitching for no reason; trust me, I like fancy lattes. But this store has gotten off on the wrong foot with me. As of now, I'm boycotting it in favor of Beldotti's Bakery, a few doors down.

On Thursday, I saw people sitting at tables inside, so I popped my head in. Six people in Starbucks shirts glanced sideways at me, then ignored me. "Not yet," one of them said without making eye contact.
"Oh! When?" I said. No one looked at me. They all glanced at one woman. I guess they were employees in for training.
She muttered, "Maybe Saturday..."
"Great! I'll spread the word!"
A split second of silence.
"OK," someone responded lifelessly as the woman muttered, "But maybe not."

I stepped out the door with a "Huh?" look on my face. So, I'm spreading the word, but the word is, don't rush off to the new Starbucks. They seem like they hate us.

Instead, try Beldotti's Bakery, just a few doors down from Starbucks. I checked out their coffee Friday morning; they have an arsenal of coffee dispensers with many different Green Mountain flavors. There are also piles and piles of stunning pastries, which is probably why I hadn't yet been to Beldotti's in the 1.5 years I've been in this 'hood. I avoid baked goods. The staff at Beldotti's is extremely nice and the cakes are pretty. I'll eat their pastries just to spite Starbucks. A sign outside says that Beldotti's has espresso, but I have not tried it.

My sister and I stopped by Beldotti's Friday evening so I could get a pic of the outside. We ogled the cookies, cakes and pies and bought a loaf of poundcake for $5.75. Five doors down, there were some youngish people smoking outside the Starbucks. They were all dressed in black and looked too young to be employees, but my sister informed me that one guy was wearing a Starbucks cap turned backward. I don't have a good feeling about this place. I saw one person walking around inside who looked like he was trying to get the place ready, but I don't think the Starbucks will be open on Saturday.


Kevin McKeever said...

Told you Starbucks was evil. Eeeeevil, I tells ya.

Unknown said...

They don't have final Health Certs, but maybe next week

Anonymous said...

It was open! I was in there today!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I went to Starbucks on Saturday and ordered a latte. What I got was a cup of frothy milk with flavor. Very bad start! I was really excited about them opening so close to my house, but not anymore!

Anonymous said...

sounds like the essense of Stamford. Let's be more friendly to each other! Please!

Anonymous said...

I figure every time a new place opens, they're scraping from an even lower level of the barrel bottom for employees, since all the better ones are already employed. So imagine the worst service/attitude you get in town...and the new Starbucks will be worse than that. Also, next time you're at Beldotti's, pick up a ciabatta bread. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Lately the coffee at Starbucks has been lousy, in my opinion. Not just here but everyplace. I wish Beldotti's was more convenient to me for daily coffee. I have started to brew at work versus having lousy Starbucks. We all need to make every effort to support our local independently owned businesses.

Anonymous said...

Beldotti's is great for coffee, but the real treat there is the shadow cake.

Anonymous said...

The Beldottis are a great family with deep roots in Stamford. I say Stuck Farbucks and get yourself a real cuppa joe at Beldotti's, and a whoopie pie if you're really in the need of some consoling.

I laughed when I heard that Consumer Reports did a taste test of nationwide takeout coffee, and Starbucks came in way behind McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts! Mickey D's java was Numero Uno!

My dad, God rest his soul, swore by McDonald's coffee. I had some of their Newman's Own brew some months ago and it was the best takeout coffee evah! Too bad it was for a limited time.

Viva Beldotti's!

COOLIO said...

i <3 bedotties

Anonymous said...

Sounds like all you Starbuck bashers own Beldotti's!!!!