Thursday, May 28, 2009

Block an Intersection... and Pay!

Turfgrrl at has a post up about the CT Senate passing a bill, submitted by Stamford lawmakers, that allows towns over 50,000 to fine people for "blocking the box." The bill might not pass the House of Reps, though, because Senators from smaller towns like Wilton want the bill to apply to them, too.
I'd love to see this bill pass. We all know (and hate) the drivers that do this, because it often ties up traffic in areas that are already bad. People block intersections when they are frustrated about how long they've been waiting and try to sneak through... and don't make it. I say, fine away.

Sure, we all probably at some point in time, in an unfamiliar area, have blocked an intersection and endured the withering stares of other drivers. But I'd guess the majority of offenders know the intersections pretty well, and try to sneak because of careless impatience.
At the Bull's Head intersection by John the Baker, I now make it a habit to only cross the intersection when I see that there is room for my car. That area by the bank, at Long Ridge going north, has little room for error, and I don't want to piss off my fellow Stamfordites. Or put my baby in any way/shape/form of danger.

What other areas are bad for this? Sometimes at Summer and Broad, right?


Unknown said...

Lots of them Stamford Talks! Atlantic & Broad, Tresser & Atlantic, Main & Glenbrook, A few (or a lot) on the west side.
I still like your paint ball idea, I would have nailed 5 cars going to work and another 3 coming back!

anne said...

The intersection of Palmer's Hill Road and the bottom of Westover Road is often a nightmare. The box is forever blocked there, especially during the evening rush hour.