Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Burger and Bordeaux Thursdays at Stamford's Napa & Co

Ohhhhhhhhh yeah! Thursdays are Burger & Bordeaux Night at Napa! For $35, you get the $24 burger (and yummy fries), a salad, and a glass of red. You can bet Baby Stamford Talk will be availing himself of this special in June, when his mommy might be a little less paranoid about germs. BABY WANTS BOOB BURGER.

You may recall this is the "Burger-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" on, the national food site, which, absurdly, won't allow mention of this burger online. It's a silly choice by Chow, if you ask me.

I think Chow might be mad at me, because my login info is not working, and I'm pretty sure I have it right.


anon said...

NICE!!! That burger is insane, never thought to pair it with a red, though...usually just go with a brew.

Unknown said...

They are stealing my idea! Always do Burgers with a deep red!

anon said...

Pretty good month for Napa...Burgers on Thursday, Brunch is back on Sunday, the chef is gonna be on the Today Show, and best of all, the Chowhound ban seems to have been lifted.

Anonymous said...

This place just aint the same now that the original chef left.