Sunday, May 3, 2009

Napa and Co. Storms the Web!

(Do they still call it "the web"?)
Cool! Napa and Co. just followed me on Twitter, which made me realize they just started a blog. I hope they keep up their internet presence, because they are a great resto and I know there are good minds behind the place! (Unfortunately, blogging also takes time, and only the most committed tend to keep it up.)
I somehow doubt, though, that Napa will do what I most would like them to do... Twitter or blog when there's a celeb in the resto? Well... maybe they could just direct message me on Twitter! So far we've had Steve Martin, DeNiro, Billy Bob, Isla Fisher and Sasha Baron Cohen at Napa... anyone else?

Reminder to all: I am extremely subtle in my celeb stalking- I do not act like a crazy fool. You can trust me with your tipoffs. When I watched DeNiro film his scene at Stamford train station, may I remind you that I averted my eyes whenever he got anywhere near me so he would not feel like I was watching him. And I've run into Dave Matthews a bunch of times (well, 3) and I played it TOTALLY COOL every time, quickly averting my eyes so he could continue his strolling/grocery shopping/breakfast. That was in Charlottesville, Va.

So, Napa and Co, if you DM me on Twitter, I will NEVER reveal that you did so, and I'll somehow blog the celeb sighting as if I stumbled upon it myself, or pretend a reader tipped me off. Or is that unethical blogging? I really don't like lying and I am really bad at it.


Chris Preovolos said...

Oh. Also a new website with menus that you can actually read now (but aren't updated daily.)

Strictly Stamford said...

Its nice that Napa's on the Webb, weren't Willie Nelson and that other guy with him to? Billy Ray?