Monday, May 18, 2009

Bring Me My Sidewalk!

I live in the neighborhoods near Oaklawn Ave in Bulls Head, so I'm thrilled there's a plan for sidewalks. The public will be able to view the plan tonight at the Stamford Gov't Center. Oaklawn is really, really unsafe for anyone stupid enough to walk on the very small amount of grass beside the road, on which people drive far faster than the posted 25mph speed limit. My husband and I walked on Oaklawn one time when we walked to Dairy Queen, and it felt so unsafe that we tried to figure out if it was feasible to cut through Oaklawn Cemetery and the woods behind it. Probably not the best idea since CT is Tick Central.

More details from the Advocate news item:

Residents of Oaklawn Avenue will get their first chance to see details of a long-awaited project to install more sidewalks on the heavily-travelled street at an information hearing Monday night at the Stamford Government Center. The public information hearing is scheduled from 7 to 9 p.m., in the fourth floor cafeteria of the government center at 888 Washington Blvd.

Residents contend that the sidewalks along the route are long overdue given heavy traffic stemming from the street's role as a cut-through street between Newfield Avenue and High Ridge Road, a heavily developed business area.

In the recently finalized Stamford Traffic Calming Master Plan, a citywide review of traffic problems, residents of the area ranked pedestrian safety, a lack of sidewalks, heavy traffic, and speeding as top problems for residents.


Stefania said...

Sidewalks are needed all over Stamford. I live in the Bull's Head area and can manage to walk to a few places with my baby but became aware of the need to make cities walkable since I take my daughter out everyday. Walking is good for our health and the environment and our social lives (you get to see neighbours, nieghgourhoods!)

Unknown said...

It would be nice if Stamford became a Walkable town, There are so many places it is not! I feel fortunate on the West side with a lot of Sidewalks, but it is still sometimes dangerous for me to get to work walking,