Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thai Chi, Formerly Plateau: Loving It!

We have really been liking Thai Chi, formerly Plateau and owned/run by the same people as Duo, for delivery recently. The new menu has many of the old dishes (pad thai, mango chicken), but seems to have more American-palate friendly food like sesame chicken and a more generic stir-fried beef dish. I say generic, but the food is delicious and the ingredients of very good quality. I appreciate the fact that the broccoli I steal off my husband's plate is bright green and not overcooked. There is also a bunch of sushi on the menu, 18 stir fry options, and 4 curries. Thai Chi is a great option for flavorful, interesting, and as-good-as-but-not-as-expensive-as-Duo food.

Verdict: Go to Duo (my official favorite restaurant, beating out Napa because Napa really is pretty pricy) for special meals and nice dinners, but Thai Chi more casual nights... and delivery! The pad thai is delicious. Click here for a full menu!


Chris Preovolos said...

Do they still have the softshell crabs on the menu? As I recall they are pretty good.

Jeff said...

Better 'n Kit's?