Thursday, September 13, 2007

Weekly Events Sept. 12-16: Puppets!

Through September 28: Puppets on display at UConn Stamford. I pictured tiny puppets, which would have been great, but the puppets are actually huge and beautiful, from UConn's Drama Dept. Their Puppetry program (I'm not joking) offers a BFA or MFA; check out the puppets on the webpage. This puppet is non-UConn, but from an excellent flickr set.
Saturday: Downtown Stamford- Arts, Crafts and Blues, on Bedford, Walk at Cove Beach to raise money for Laurel House, 11:30 am Peace Vigil in front of the Ferguson library.
Sunday: More Arts and Blues on Bedford- I wonder how they'll handle alcohol. Will they hand out bracelets like at Alive at Five to show you can drink, or will people wander the streets with unsanctioned liquor? Knowing Stamford, the cops will be on it. A little annoying, but it keeps the peace.

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Stamford Talk said...

More details on this beautiful puppet- it's from a Redmoon Theater production, a theater in Chicago. They have a website at Under the production tab you can see more cool photos of their scenery and costumes. Pretty great website!