Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Hour to Raise $ for Stamford Dog Park

This is kinda cute. Friends of Stamford Dog Park are having a Yappy hour from 3-5:30 today TOMORROW (SATURDAY) at Murphy's Townhouse Cafe (I call it a a bar) on Franklin St. Admission is 10 bucks, and, obviously, proceeds go to fund the dog park. My dog sooooooo would not enjoy this happy hour. She is sooooooo not the dog park type.

I'm actually very excited (my previous post said I was only semi-excited) about the dog park! I hope there will be lots of benches for people to sit and watch the dogs. Like, comfortable benches. Now I am totally on board with this dog park plan. A skate park and a dog park? We are getting cooler by each passing day. An opportunity to be outdoors with other people, and possibly even interact with them, is a good thing for a community, and I think Stamford needs to feel more like a community.

The announcement in the Advocate says that dogs get in free, so I am wondering how many dogs will be there. Murphy's isn't that big of a bar, is it? Well, that could cause some fun chaos. I think it's going to be another pretty day today, and Murphy's does have some outdoor seating. It might rain tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Murphy's is my neighborhood bar and I love the low-key atmosphere! The Friends of Stamford Dog Park says the happy hour is tomorrow, the 26th though. Is that right?

Stamford Talk said...

eeeeeeeek thank you!!!!

I just figured happy hour meant after work, and the little blurb in the paper didn't actually say what day "tomorrow" was.

I'll correct the post!
Thank you again.