Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weddings in the FC: Not Cheap, But Doable

Getting married in the FC will cost you some bucks, but with the right connections and recommendations, you can get the best for a fair price. The key is to mooch information from recently married people. That's what I did last year, and it was a relief to know that our money was going to vendors we could trust. I'll give you the scoop and a little gossip that you can pass on to whomever needs it.

We got a good price from the Fox Hill Inn, unlike a certain place in Westport where the wedding coordinator was unable to hide her smirk when we said we hoped to have 125 guests for under $13,000 dollars. The Fox Hill Inn is near Danbury, but it’s worth the 45-minute drive. Their wedding coordinator, Nancy, ran the entire day with the patience of a total pro. I didn’t lift a finger except to cut the cake… the cake that Fox Hill provides so you have one less thing to stress over.

Our wedding photographer, Dru Nadler, kicked it out of the stadium. See her website and you’ll see why I picked her, besides the fact that she is a really cool, smart, mellow person. She took the photo above and also photographs for the Stamford Advocate. I love her. Warning: post gets very girly from here on out.

Look at this bouquet. Merrilee at Ganim’s Florist in Fairfield was flexible and friendly. She did almost everything over email, so my sister in Texas was able to help plan flowers. I visited the store only one time, but Merrilee gave me the bright-orange-and-light-blue-with-white-roses bouquet that I wanted. I must have emailed her 25 times… and she always responded quickly. (Photo by Dru.)

I got my dress from The Bridal Suite in downtown Stamford. Lynn helped me order the dress that another bridal store tried to tell me was their own custom design. No it’s not, you b@%$*s; I’m looking at it online right now. Thanks to Lynn, I avoided those liars. Lynn then deftly coordinated the fitting and ordering of 8 different bridesmaid dresses. Each of my bridesmaids chose her own style… and only 3 of them lived in the area. I think Lynn sensed I was about to freak out, and she took it from there. The Bridal Suite’s sassy tailor, Naima, will also take care of you. Don’t question her. She knows how much ribcage space you need, and she knows how keep the top of your dress where it should be. (Photo by me.)

A friend recommended the band Nite Life (Richie Vance Productions). They charged a fair price and our guests liked them. A friend used Powerstation DJs, so I can recommend that company, too.

Look at the cake, with the orange dots I'd been dreaming of! (Photo by Dru.) I love orange, and I love dots.

I never thought I could plan a wedding, but my friends and coworkers pointed me to the right vendors. The vendors worked with me to get the most for my money, and they produced a far prettier wedding than I could have pictured. I'm not going to tell you it was cheap, but I will tell you, I got excellent vendors for reasonable prices.

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