Friday, April 25, 2008

Scalzi: Skateboarding and Pistol-Whipping :(

My reaction to the Advocate article about 2 men getting robbed and pistol-whipped in Scalzi Park at 9pm on Wednesday: What the EFF, Stamford!

Mental note: do not go to Scalzi Park at night! Is it really deserted there or something?

I feel very safe at Cove Island Beach Park because it's very busy. Reminder to self: go to 888 Wash with $20 to get my beach sticker. You used to be able to get it at the ice rink at Cove, but now you can't. Go to the Government Center.

Ugh. Whatever, Stamford, whatever. You disappoint me sometimes. Freakin' pistol-whipped on a Wednesday night? F that.

Here's maybe a terrible thought that I'm going to share, because I'm honest. I thought, "This better be another case of young people-on-young-people crime, like the mall, or I am freakin' scared." Maybe that's bad to say, but I'm just trying to tell myself that would never happen to me. I'm not young.

Sk8ers, help me out! What is going on at Scalzi?
Are there lights at night?

What the heck? Another post with the label "Crime?"
I need to stop reading the newspapers.


Mr. Z said...

Since you're a working stiff again you might not have time to get to 888 Wash. If you hurry, you can still get your Beach Pass via the mail. Requests must be received by next Wednesday, April 30.

Manager Mom said...

Don't forget to get your Mygatt recycling sticker when you're at the 888! And be sure to give the Stamford School board the finger for me whil you are there...

Stamford Talk said...

Haven't I given them the verbal finger on this blog enough?
Maybe you should forward them the link.
School board, I am sorry to be mean, but you must realize how bad you make yourselves look.

Is the recycling sticker free?

Scott Frosch said...

No lights at the skatepark at night. The smart "sk8ter" plays it safe and goes home at dusk.

gutierrez.a said...

does any adult go home at dusk. how can you expect adventrous skaters to go home at dusk. Shyt if i was 16 again and the skatepark was there probably wouldnt do half the bad things ive done. Getting drunk, smoking pot, then robbing kids. I got into bad habits bc i met bad people at down town, at the skate spot. Skate otherwise saved my life so many night i just went out and skated with my friends and didnt deal with the worlds problems. if stamford skate park had lights there would'nt be so many people in trouble and crime would be reduce. meaning the amount of victums available and perpretraters,(i go to one of the better universities in the country and i cant spell great). Lights would help so many kids be kept in check. Its easy durning the summer have two cop cars one by the basketball courts one by the skate park have lights and have the cops station there till 12 or whatever.