Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Praise for Recycling and Trash Bins

Manager Mom has an informative post up about Stamford recycling. I’m not sure where the Katrina Mygatt recycling center is, or if I’m allowed in, but the info is on her blog if I need it, and I appreciate that. I am outraged that MM bashes our new garbage bins, but overall, the woman is a trusted source on many topics.

I had a big problem with our new trash bins when they came out in September, but the bin has really grown on me. I can easily fit pizza boxes in it, and pieces of small furniture. Cool.

Just the other day, I was pleased to see a uniform row of tall trash bins stretching up both sides of Colonial Ave. I felt proud to be in a city that manages its garbage in such an organized, clinical way. It’s like we’re robots, and what’s more organized than a robot?

If anyone hates their Toter bin, let us know, because I love when people go crazy over small things.

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Lambira said...

Hee! I didn't mean to outrage you, Ms. Stamford Talk. While its true you can fit a small oil tanker in the toter bins, the bin itself is so gigantic it doesn't fit in our garage.

And I thought we were only supposed to put things that fit in a plastic bag in there. See, your blog is delicious AND nutritious too!

Anyway, I can't believe you've never been to Mygatt. It rocks. Here's all the deets...I'll be making a stop Friday morning if you want a ride!!!

Whitemist said...

I got used to these trash cans in a place that I vacation frequently and I do find them very useful for getting rid of stuff! I almost never fill to the brim, but I am glad they are as big as they are. I also always thought back-yard pick-up was a bit over the top (Iknow I'll get comments for that!).

Stamford Talk said...

No way, I agree- I thought my garbage men were just being super-nice because I was the only lazy one who never got her bin out. Backyard pickup is definitely over the top!

Lambira I will take you up on your next trip to Katrina (I think I can call her that)! Thanks for your great post on that.

Always Home and Uncool said...

If you only need to dump off regular recycling (can, plastic, office paper, cardboard), you can also go to the recycling center by Scofieldtown Middle School. It's the one Malloy wanted to close all but one day (it's down to only three days now). I go there whenever I have a figurative ton of cardboard boxes from Xmas, birthdays, excess online shopping, etc.