Thursday, April 3, 2008

Singer Songwriters in Greenwich!

Thataway, I am impressed.
One of the reasons I started Stamford Talk was my dismay at the lack of local music. Well, Thataway Cafe's Songwriter's Den is not in Stamford, but Greenwich Avenue is close enough. Every Thursday the restaurant has a singer/songwriter perform at 8:30. From the website, it doesn't look like it's the 'one depressing person with a guitar' type of music. The Fairfield Weekly featured tonight's songwriter in their weekly event roundup, and it sounds awesome.

Here's text from Thataway's site. Thataway, you rock, and your food is pretty well-priced. And, your burgers are good. And, I like your waitstaff.

The Songwriter's Den is a new music venue happening every Thursday Night at Thataway Cafe in Greenwich, CT. A home for Singer/ Songwriter's where they can present their own original material in a warm artist friendly setting.

Since its inception in November of 2006 it has been gaining momentum with strong performances and some of the best singer songwriter's on the circuit.

Come on by to Thataway Cafe located at 409 Greenwich Ave on a Thursday night. Have a dinner and enjoy a night of great music!

Performing Artist Schedule: April-June

* 4.03.08
Marc Douglas Berardo with Teresa Storch and Chuck E Costa
* 4.10.08
John Cain and Joe Meo
* 4.17.08
Marc Von Em and KJ Denhert
* 4.24.08
Jay Mankita and Artie Tobia
* 5.01.08
Songwriter's Den Montgomery Delaney and Rick Snyder
* 5.22.08
Trina Hamlin
* 5.23.08 - (Saturday night)
John Cain and The Blues Buster's with "Young Blood" RJ.
* 5.29.08
Jenny Goodspeed
* 6.23.08
Blues Busters

I probably can't go because it's the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica, but I haven't finished season 3, so you never know what will happen in my household tonight. I know Battlestar Galactica sounds dorky, but if I like it, it has to be OK, because I hate everything. BG is kind of like Lost, because so far we only know who a few of the cylons are, so the suspense is, who are the other cylons posing as humans?

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Suma said...

This isn't in Stamford either but close enough: There's live jazz at Silvermine Tavern in Norwalk on Friday and Saturday nights. Went to see the Kris Jensen Quartet this past Saturday. Good dinner, good music.