Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cast YOUR Lot at a Stamford Casting Company

I'm almost all movie talked-out, but I want to follow up on a comment from Jorge, who gave a link to CT Tourism-Film Division. That site lists casting call info on current and upcoming movies, but for more (and funnier) detail on extras needed, go to the website of Grant Wilfley Casting. They’re based in Stamford and are currently casting for the DeNiro movie. It would be easy to email your headshot to GW.

The GW site makes for good reading. My favorite line:
Filming in the Boston, Mass. Specifically seeking male mental patients willing to be nude for a shoot at the end of april (pay is $759); write “nude patient” in the subject line.

The CT Film Division does give better info on one upcoming project: the movie Farlanders, starring John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph, filming in various locations NW CT, Stamford, Bridgeport, and New Haven. Casting for college students and faculty, high-end/wealthy shoppers, National Guard (men and women), strip club patrons, etc. That etc. says, “Use your imagination.” Maya Rudolph is my favorite SNL actor. John Krasinski is funny on The Office, but I wonder if he translates well to film.

Oh coooool, I just found a website called "On Location Vacations" that gives stalker-like info on movies being filmed all over the place. I am totally adding that site to my daily RSS under the "mindless inanity" category. No, I really have that category, and I'm really going to add it.

Note: Just found on OLV: "The Untitled Sam Mendes Project is filming on Mountain Rd in Wilton, CT (near the intersection of Heritage Dr)." That's the Rudolph/Krasinski movie. So, OLV might not be mindless inanity and in fact might augment my gossip factor. Coincidentally, Grant Wilfley also does casting for the TV show Gossip Girl.

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Manager Mom said...

Welcome back from vacay. Was it freaky to come back to all the trees in bloom? I was overseas for just 4 days and when I came back it was like we went from winter to spring in one swell foop.

Oh... if I had $1 for every email that I got with "nude patient" in the subject line, my doctor would be disbarred for violating the Hippocratic Code of Conduct.

Do they need aging ex-MILFs (or aging never-MILFS) in any of these movies?

Stamford Talk said...

Well, if you don't think you could pass as a strip club patron, a film in Sleepy Hollow is looking for professional trapeze artists and "Spin class and other gym members (must be in shape and aggressively spin or work out on camera)." You could totally do that!

Welcome back to you too! Blog on, sista!