Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bartlett Likes 10am; I Don't

Bartlett, why does your farmers' market start at 10am? That is way too late.

And, why does your classical music on Sundays start at 10am? That is way too early. Still, I'll check it out to see who is out for classical music in the morning.

There's a nice feature on the Barlett Arboretum and Gardens in the Advocate. (Note: I reposted their article on my resource site so you can see it after the Advocate rips it off their site in two weeks- yes, I am so very bitter about that.) We're lucky to have places like this in our city and I feel bad I don't take more advantage of the Bartlett's cool stuff, like their clinic where you can bring in your plants and get advice. I'm totally psyched for the farmer's market today. It looks like it should be good lighting for pictures.

For real, 10am for a farmer's market? Why not 8 or even 9? Anybody with a regular 9-5 job can't make a 10am time. I'm a teacher so I have summers off, so for this blissful 2 months, I get to see the outside world and re-learn what adults do during the day. (It looks like they eat, shop, and go to work.) Not being with kids is unbelievably wonderful. I can curse up a storm during the day, say what I actually think, etc. I feel so free. I'm bordering on euphoric.

Don't get me wrong; I could not have a better teaching job. My students rock and my co-workers are some of my best friends. But having to be a goody two-shoes all day kills me. If I have to tell one more kid to stop running in the hallways... actually, now I just stick my arm out and clothesline them. Why should I waste my breath telling them a rule they already know? Nope. You better watch yourself on my end of the hall.

See, this is why it's important for teachers to have the summers off. Things would get ugly if we didn't. I have, no joke, the patience of a saint, and if I tell you we need summers off, we need summers off. Even a month is fine if you want to get all anal and jealous and begrudging about it.

Lest you think my clothesline move is cruel, running is dangerous. The poor kids are late to class, so they run, but they don't know how to run carefully. They smash into each other, and sometimes, teachers, who aren't as resilient as children. One teacher got badly hurt by a kid, and another time, a pregnant teacher almost got run down by a boy who was bigger than her. And my clothesline move is done early, so they usually see my arm, and slow down. What's funny is when they either try to limbo under my arm or veer around it. Then I have to use my voice.

5 comments: said...

hey ST...the bartlett also has concerts at 5pm on that convenient for you?

Irenesbooks said...

They've got to work on the Farmers Market, I don't think they expected the crowd that showed up: I was there at 10:30, parking was at a premium, and some vegetables were already sold out.

BTW, one stand had the gall to charge $15 for a small strawberry/rhubarb pie!

As for the Sunday morning concerts, 10:00 suits me fine! Lovely cello music the other day.

Stamford Talk said...

I think the small pies were 7 and 8; I'm just finishing up my blueberry one right now.

I left at 10:20 or so; they seemed to have gotten the parking more organized by then, but all the close spaces were taken by the time I got there at 9:58. Nope, don't think they were ready, and the FM was much tinier than I expected. Half the size of the Beford St, maybe.

I will be sure to blog about it today bc I have a LOT to say about the farmer's market, plus some pics.

Irenesbooks said...

Well, the woman said it was 15 bucks!

So I bought some Bartlett honey instead, at least money spent on a good cause . . .

I had to park just beyond the gate house. (Good exercise walking . . .)

Stamford Talk said...

I bet that honey is goooooooooood!

I'm just about to post my review of the market; can't wait to hear what else you might have to add.

Fifteen bucks for the small pies?!?